How To Keep Your Pool Safe This Winter

It's important to make sure that your pool is properly covered before the winter season begins. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause of death in children four years old and younger. Small family pets can also fall victim to an uncovered pool.

Having the proper pool cover installed will not only protect your investment from the elements but it can also help save you time and headaches in the spring.

Covering your pool can protect it from falling debris and keep it from getting damaged by pool related accidents. In areas where the sun is a factor, a pool cover can help prevent the effects of the heat on the paint and the concrete.

Solid or mesh pool covers are great options for enclosing your pool. They can either be installed on the deck or used as an anchor point. Having the proper care and maintenance instructions for your pool can help keep it running smoothly. Winter months are often the most critical time of the year for swimming pools.

Winter is a good time to install mesh safety covers since they can keep snow and rain away from the pool. These covers are also ideal for homes with young children since they can prevent snow and ice from accumulating on the top surface.

Solid safety covers are available in various colors and can appeal to different pool owners. However, they can also allow rain to collect.

Covering your pool is a smart investment that can protect you and your family.


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