Keep an Eye for Your Pool Cover During The Winter

If the leaves are still falling into your yard and the temperature is dropping, it's time to close up your pool.It's important to get your pool cover on before the leaves start to fall. Doing so will prevent the cover from getting stained and cleaning your pool. Aside from keeping it looking good, also, it can help prevent algae from growing in the pool.

  • On rare occasions, pool safety covers can tear or get damaged due to improper care or handling. Also, non-warranty factors such animal or tree limbs can cause pool covers to get damaged.
  • In most cases, pool covers can be easily repaired by using a self-adhesive patch kit, which can be purchased at most pool supply stores.
  • When it's time to check your pool cover for signs of UV damage, check it often. The easiest way to do so is to compare the top of the cover to the bottom of the cover. It is also important to check the thread that's attached to the bottom of your pool cover. If it appears that its threads are damaged or have fallen off, it is time to replace them. If you are having difficulties identifying this, contact a swimming pool professional.

Aside from regular maintenance, it is also important to never allow children or pets to walk onto the pool cover. Doing so could create a rip or tear, and it could also lead to an accident.


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