How To Care For Your Pool And Pool Cover During Winter Months

Winter is upon us, and it's time to think about getting your pool ready for the upcoming season. Having a few key things done throughout the next few months can help keep your pool looking great.

Winterizing and protecting your pool can be done now, so it's important to make sure that it's properly covered and ready to go.


Watch the temperature

According to experts, algae can't grow in warm pool water under 60 degrees. A preventative treatment such as Algaecide 60 will help keep your pool algae at bay. However, this treatment will not kill the algae that has already grown. The algaecide should be distributed evenly throughout the pool since a pool pump that's not running will not work. If you're planning on keeping the pool warm during winter, then add the algaecide now.


Watch the water level

Having the proper water level is also important to prevent debris from accumulating on the pool cover. It can help keep the cover's weight in check. You can also check the water levels by removing any debris that has accumulated in the skimmer box. Here are the guidelines for mesh and solid covers:

  • Mesh Pool Covers: 15" - 18" below the top of the pool
  • Solid Pool Covers: 12" - 16" below the top of the pool


Keep debris off the cover

Having debris off the pool cover can help extend its longevity and prevent damage. It can also help prevent drowning and accidents. Do not use a shovel or other tool with sharp edges as it could put holes in the cover and allow dirty water to run through. If the cover has drains, you could also use a hose to remove the debris.

Winterizing and covering your pool is a great way to keep it looking its best in the spring and minimize the amount of maintenance that it needs to endure throughout the year.


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