How to Install Pentair 500123 StarGuard Drain, 8-Inch

If you’re looking to upgrade your pool’s drainage system, the Pentair 500123 StarGuard Drain is a great choice. This 8-inch drain is designed to guard against clogging, reduce standing water, and ensure efficient water flow through the filter system.

Here’s how to install the Pentair 500123 StarGuard Drain.

1. Prepare the Drain

Before you begin installation, make sure that the drain is the right size for your pool. Measure the inside diameter of the drain opening, and make sure that it matches the diameter of the Pentair 500123 StarGuard Drain.

2. Connect the Drain

Next, attach the drain to the pool’s pipe system. Connect the drain’s elbow to the pool’s main drain line, then connect the drain to the elbow with a rubber coupling. Make sure the connections are secure and watertight.

3. Install the Drain Cover

Once the drain is connected to the pipe system, it’s time to install the drain cover. Place the cover over the drain, then tighten the screws to secure it in place. Make sure the cover is flush with the pool’s surface to ensure efficient water flow.

4. Test the Drain

Once the drain is installed, it’s time to test it. Turn on the pump and make sure that the water is flowing through the drain properly. If there are any leaks or clogs, make sure to address them before using the pool.

The Pentair 500123 StarGuard Drain is a great way to upgrade your pool’s drainage system. With its clog-resistant design, it’s an effective way to reduce standing water and ensure efficient water flow. Follow these steps to install the drain and enjoy a safer and healthier pool.

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