How To Choose The Proper Ozonator For Your Pool

What pool ozonater is right for you? Residential pool sanitation can be simpler and more effective with a Del Ozonator. A Del Ozonator will provide safe, clean pool water for your family. By following the four steps in this section, you can successfully select the appropriate model.

1. Will the Del Ozonator be installed on an existing pool or during construction of a new pool? We recommend the Del Eclipse models for existing inground pools and the Big Dipper for above ground pools. The Del Eclipse and Big Dipper models can be installed into the main return line. For new pool construction, we recommend the Del Total Eclipse. The Del Total Eclipse model has a 24 hour pump and requires it's own dedicated return line.

2. Will the Del Ozonator be the primary sanitizer or a supplemental sanitizer? As the primary sanitizer, the ozonator will allow you to lower your chlorine level to minimal requirements (.3-.5 ppm). As a supplemental sanitizer, you would maintain a normal chlorine level (2-4 ppm).

3. How many gallons is my pool? The gallonage of your pool will determine the correct model.

4. What is the voltage requirement? The final step in selecting the proper ozonator will be to select either 110 volt or 220 volt. This will be determined by the supply voltage of your current pool equipment.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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