How to Set up the Del MCD-50 Renewal Kit

This guide is about the Del MCD-50 Ozonator which is equipped with a replaceable ozone cell and power supply. For optimum performance, we recommend the ozone cell and power supply be replaced every two years or when the green LED light is not lit. It is also recommended that the o-ring, hose barb insert, and fuse be replaced at the same time.

1. Shut off power to the MCD or to the spa.

2. Disconnect the MCD power cord from the spa control pack.

3. Disconnect the ozone tubing from the MCD ozone outlet hose barb.

4. Remove the screw from the bottom mounting tab.

5. Back the upper mounting tab screw out about two turns and lift the MCD up and off of the spa.

6. Remove the cover screw on the back side of the base of the MCD.

7. Using a flat head screwdriver or fingers, pry the two cover tabs outward to release the cover from the base.

8. Lift the cover up and slide the cover forward and off.

9. Remove power supply mounting screws and disconnect power supply connector (red and black wires).

10. Lift ozone cell and power supply up and out. O-ring and hose barb insert may remain attached to ozone cell.

11. Remove and discard ozone cell (with o-ring), power supply, and hose barb.

12. Carefully pull circuit board out of the base slot.

13. Remove old fuse from the circuit board. Dispose of old fuse.

14. Insert new fuse into circuit board and carfully push circuit board back into the base slot.

15. Insert new hose barb insert making sure to align the hose barb correctly and insert it completely into it's slotted hole.

16. Install new power supply and mounting screws. Route power supply wires through pegs.

17. Place new oring onto ozone cell outlet.

18. Install new ozone cell by inserting into hose barb and gently pushing into cradle.

19. Connect power supply connector.

20. Slide cover into position while lifting the bottom of the cover up.

21. Lower cover over ozone cell and snap cover tabs into place.

22. Replace cover screw.

23. Reinstall the MCD to the spa, reconnect ozone supply tubing to hose barb, and reconnect the power cord.

24. Finally, turn the power to the spa back on.

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