How To Change the Zodiac T5 Pool Cleaner Main Body Cover

This guide illustrates how easy it is to replace the Zodiac T5 Main Body Cover in the event that it is damaged.

1. ORDER PARTS - The part you will need to order for this procedure is the Zodiac T5 Main Body Cover. Click: MAIN BODY COVER for our link to this part.

2. UNSCREW HANDNUT - Unscrew the Handnut counter-clockwise.

3. PULL OFF MAIN BODY COVER - Lift off the Main Body Cover by pulling it forward. You may have to play with it a bit to get it past the front collar. It helps to push down ion the back of the Cover as you are pulling it forward.

4. PLACE NEW MAIN BODY COVER OVER MAIN ENGINE - Place the New Main Body Cover over the front of the Engine Assembly and start to push it back to engage with the back of the Cleaner.

5. ENGAGE MAIN BODY COVER - Insert the two tabs on the back of the Main Body Cover into the two slots in the back of the Cleaner. Make sure they are fully engaged.

6. SCREW ON HANDNUT - Screw the Handnut into the front ring of the Body Assembly - clockwise.

7. OPERATE CLEANER - Try spinning the Engine Assembly. If it spins freely, your Zodiac T5 Pool Cleaner is ready to operate.

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