How To Change the Zodiac T5 Pool Cleaner Discs and Foot Pads

The following guide is to explain how to replace the two Discs, the two Foot Pads and the Skid Plate. Over time the Disc Assemblies on your Zodiac T5 Suction Pool Cleaner may wear or crack and will have to be replaced.  Also the Foot Pads should be replaced when the depths of the channels between the treads are 1/16" or less. 

1. ORDER PARTS - The parts you will require for this procedure are the Zodiac T5 Front Disc, the Zodiac T5 Back Disc, the two Foot Pads, and the Skid Plate.

2. VIEW DISCS - Turn the Cleaner on its back. This picture shows the location of the 2 Discs, the Skid Plate, and 2 Foot Pads that you will be replacing. The 2 Discs are secured onto the Zodiac X7 Cleaner with the two Foot Pads. The Foot Pads are released by sliding them out the front side of the Cleaner.

3. RELEASE HOOK - Pull the Front Disc back to locate the hook; then release the hook from the Body Assembly.

4. REMOVE SKID PLATE - Pull the Skid Plate away from the Body Assembly. It should lift off easily.

5. LIFT EDGE OF BACK DISK - Before you can slide the Foot Pads out, you must first lift up the edge of the Back Disc out of the ridge around the throat of the Cleaner.

6. SLIDE OFF FOOT PAD 1 - Locate the slots under each of the Foot Pads. Slide one of the Foot Pads out of the slot to the front of the Cleaner. If you have trouble sliding it all the way out, try releasing more of the Back Disc as shown above.

7. SLIDE OFF FOOT PAD 2 - Slide the other Foot Pad out of the slot on the other side of the Cleaner.

8. REMOVE BACK DISC - Separate the Back Disc from the Foot Pads and Front Disc.

9. REMOVE THE FOOT PAD (1) - First lift the Front Disc slot off of the back of the Foot Pad.

10. REMOVE THE FOOT PAD (2) - Then pull the Foot Pad out of the other slot. This may take a little force.

11. REMOVE OTHER FOOT PAD - This picture shows the Front Disc with both Foot Pads removed.

12. INSTALL FOOT PAD (1) - Place the arrow end of the new Foot Pad into the first slot of the new Front Disc. Then work the first slot over the front knob of the Foot Pad. You may have to use a flat headed screwdriver to pry this slot over the first know. The shiny side of the Front Disc should be down.

13. INSTALL FOOT PAD (2) - Then pull the second slot of the Front Disc over the second knob of the Foot Pad. This step should be easier. Repeat the last two steps to install the other Foot Pad.

14. ADD BACK DISC - Place the new Back Disc on top of the Front Disc on the Foot Pads.

15. PLACE ASSEMBLED DISCS ON CLEANER - Turn the ZodiacT5 Cleaner on its back and place the Disc Assembly over the throat of the Cleaner with Foot Pads up.

16. INSERT FOOT PAD 1 INTO SLOT - Slide the bottom of one Foot Pad into the slot at the back of the Cleaner. Make sure the Foot Pad engages all the way into the slot.

17. INSERT FOOT PAD 2 INTO SLOT - Side the bottom of the other Foot Pad into the other groove.

18. TUCK EDGE OF BACK DISC - Tuck the edge of the Back Disc under the lip of the Cleaner.

19. INSTALL THE SKID PLATE - Place the Skid Plate on the back edge around the throat of the Body Assembly.

20. CLEANER IS READY TO OPERATE. - Turn the Cleaner upright. It's ready to operate.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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