How To Change the Power Module on a Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner

This manual will help you to replace the Power Module .If your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner stops moving, your Cleaner's Power Module may be damaged and may have to be replaced. 

1. ORDER PARTS - The first step is to order the parts you will need. The only part required for this procedure is the Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner POWER MODULE.

2. REMOVE TOP HOUSING - The Top Housing is held on by two screws. With a Philips head screwdriver remove the two screws.

3. LIFT TOP HOUSING - Lift the Top Housing off of the top of the Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner.

4. CHECK PROPELLER - Make sure that the Propeller is free of debris that may have prevented the Propeller from moving. If clogged, remove debris and try turning the Propeller. If the propeller is still frozen, continue troubleshooting.

5. REMOVE PROPELLER - Remove the single screw to release the Propeller from the Cleaner.

6. REMOVE LOWER HOUSING - Turn the Cleaner over on its back. The Lower Housing is held on with three screws. Remove these screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

7. LIFT LOWER HOUSING - Lift the Lower Housing off of the Cleaner.

8. CHECK TURBINE - Check for debris wound around the turbine. If clogged, remove debris and try turning a Wheel. If the Wheel and propeller are still frozen, continue troubleshooting.

9. DISENGAGE LARGE BELT - Work the large Belt off of the Wheel Gear by pushing it while rotating the Wheels. The belt should slip off the gear.

10. DISENGAGE SMALL BELT - Work the Small Belt off of the Wheel Gear by pushing it while rotating the Wheels. The belt should slip off the gear.

11. REMOVE POWER MODULE - The Power Module is secured to the inner frame with 3 screws. Remove these screws and lift the Power Module out of the inner frame.

12. REMOVE SWIVEL ASSEMBLY - Unscrew the Swivel Assembly off of the Power Module.

13. SPIN DRIVE SHAFT,TEST1- Using a screwdriver try to spin the right side of the Drive Shaft clockwise. Note: the Swivel Assembly port is on the back side of the module. If the shaft binds at any point, the Power Module likely has a bad bearing and will have to be replaced.

14. SPIN DRIVE SHAFT,TEST2 - If the Propeller Shaft does not spin, the Propeller Miter Gears have failed and the Power Module has to be replaced.

15. SPIN DRIVE SHAFT,TEST3 - If the Timer Cams do not rotate, there is a failure in one of the Drive Train Gears. This problem may be resolved by replacing one or more of the Drive Train Gears instead of the complete Power Module. See our guide on "How To Replace the Power Module Gear Set".

16. ASSESS POWER MODULE - At this point, we are assuming one of two paths: 1- the Power Module has failed and has to be replaced; 2- the Power Module Drive Gears were replaced and you are replacing a repaired Power Module.

17. REPLACE SWIVEL ASSEMBLY - Screw the Swivel Assembly onto the Power Module. Verify that the Swivel moves freely.

18. INSTALL POWER MODULE - Secure the Power Module back into the inner frame with three screws.

19. RE-ENGAGE SMALL BELT - Slip the Small Belt onto the Wheel Gear and partially on the end of the Reverse Drive Mechanism. Work the Belt completely onto the Reverse Drive Mechanism by pushing the Belt on while turning the other Reverse Drive Mechanism.

20. ADJUST SMALL BELT TENSION - Adjust the placement of the single side Axle Block until there is a 1/4" deflection in the Small Belt.

21. POSITION LARGE BELT - Place the Large Belt around the Cog Wheels as shown in the picture.

22. RE-ENGAGE LARGE BELT - Slip the Large Belt onto the Reverse Drive Mechanism and one of the Wheel Gears. Partially place the Large Belt onto the end of the other Wheel gear and work the Belt the rest of the way by pushing on the Belt while turning the Wheel Assembly.

23. ADJUST LARGE BELT TENSION - Adjust the placement of the Belt Tensioner until there is a 1/4" deflection in the Large Belt.

24. REPLACE THE LOWER HOUSING - Place the Lower Housing on the bottom of the Cleaner and secure it with the three screws.

25. REPLACE PROPELLER - Place the new Propeller on the shaft and secure it with a screw. Note: The Propeller has two ends: a round end and a hex end. Make sure the hex end is down when you place it on the hex shaft.

26. TEST WHEELS - Rotate one of the Wheels to ensure that it and the other two wheels move through the gears.

27. REPLACE TOP HOUSING - Place the Top Housing on top of the Cleaner and secure it with the two screws.

28. REPAIR IS COMPLETE - Your Polaris ATV Suction Cleaner is ready to go.

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