How To Change the Hayward Slide Valve Handle and Piston Assembly

If through long use or abuse, your Hayward Slide Valve Handle and Piston Assembly is no longer useable but the Body Assembly is still functional, you may elect to replace the Assembly. This guide shows you how easy it is to replace this Assembly. 

1. TURN POWER OFF - Make sure that power to the pump is turned OFF before you open up the Slide Valve.

2. REMOVE BONNET NUT - Unscrew the Bonnet Nut counter-clockwise to free it from the Body Assembly.

3. PULL OUT SHAFT ASSEMBLY - Pull straight up on the Handle to lift it and the Shaft Assembly out of the Body Assembly.

4. REPLACE SHAFT ASSEMBLY - When you slide the new Shaft Assembly into the Valve Body Assembly, note the notch in the Body Assembly and the lug on the Bonnet. Ensure that these line up when you insert the Shaft Assembly.

5. SECURE BONNET NUT - Screw the Bonnet Nut clockwise back onto the Body Assembly. Hand tighten.

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