How To Change the Hayward Slide Valve Internal Shaft O-Ring

This guide explains you how to access the Internal Shaft O-ring.The Hayward Filter Control Slide Piston Assembly, has four O-rings, three on the outside of the Assembly and 1 inside the assembly. To access this internal O-ring for maintenance or repair, you will have to partially disassemble the Assembly. 

1. TURN POWER OFF - Make sure that power to the pump is turned OFF before you open up the Slide Valve.

2. REMOVE BONNET NUT - Unscrew the Bonnet Nut counter-clockwise to free it from the Body Assembly.

3. PULL OUT SHAFT ASSEMBLY - Pull straight up on the Handle to lift it and the Shaft Assembly out of the Body Assembly.

4. PULL OUT DRIVE PIN - The Drive Pin is in tight so you will have to punch it out most of the way with an awl or small punch. Put a board under the shaft to support the impact so you don't bend the shaft. After you have punched the Pin most of the way out, grab the other end with a pair of pliers and pull it out the rest of the way.

5. SEPARATE HANDLE AND SHAFT ASSEMBLY FROM PISTON - The Handle and Shaft Assembly out of the Piston.

6. SEPARATE HANDLE AND SHAFT FROM BONNET - Slide the Bonnet off the Shaft.

7. LOCATE AND REMOVE O-RING - The small Shaft O-ring in located in a groove inside the Bottom end of the Bonnet. Use a toothpick to work the O-ring out of the groove and up out of the Bonnet.

8. LUBRICATE 0-RING - Inspect the O-ring for wear or damage. Replace if necessary. Then lubricate the O-ring with a silicone or Teflon based lubricant as identified above.

9. REPLACE O-RING - Place the O-ring back in the groove. This can be tricky. Use a small screwdriver to work the O-ring into the groove. To keep the O-ring from going pass the groove as you are placing it, slide the Shaft into the Bonnet up to the groove.

10. SLIDE SHAFT INTO BONNET - Slide the Shaft and Handle the rest of the way into the Bonnet.

11. SLIDE SHAFT INTO PISTON - Slide the Shaft and Handle into the Piston and rotate the Shaft so that the hole at the end of the Shaft lines up with the hole in the Piston.

12. REPLACE DRIVE PIN - With the holes aligned, tap the Drive Pin partially into the Shaft to make sure it is aligned correctly. Then use an awl or small punch to insert the Pin the rest of the way. Be sure to support the shaft as shown so you don't bend it.

13. REPLACE SHAFT ASSEMBLY - When you slide the Shaft Assembly back into the Valve Body Assembly, note the notch in the Body Assembly and the lug on the Bonnet. Ensure that these line up when you insert the Shaft Assembly.

14. SECURE BONNET NUT - Screw the Bonnet Nut clockwise back onto the Body Assembly. Hand tighten.

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