How To Change a Zodiac G3 Footpad and Finned Disk
This guide explains you how to replace a Zodiac G3 Footpad and Finned Disk. It is a popular cleaner with few moving parts. The finned disk and footpad are the most common to be replaced. 
1. Turn of the pool pump and remove the hoses from the cleaner. Let the cleaner sit on the pool deck so that all of the water drains out.
2. Turn the cleaner upside down. You will be able to see the finned disk and the footpad.
3. The finned disk is easily removed by pulling it off of the footpad.
4. If you are not replacing the finned disk, you can place it to the side for now. Both the old and the new finned disk will have the word "TOP" molded into it indicating the direction it should be installed.
5. Get a good grip on the footpad and pull it off the foot flange.
6. Take the new footpad and position it so that the groove matches the shape in the foot lange.
7. Install the new footpad onto the flange by pushing into on to the grooves. Start on one end an work your way around. You can use a flat head screwdriver or a dull butter knife to stretch the groove if needed.
8. Once the footpad is installed, install the finned disk. Be sure that the word "TOP" on the opposite side of the footpad (facing up when the G3 is standing upright).
9. You have now successfully replaced the diaphragm. You can re-connect the hoses and take it for a test run.
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