How to Change a Smartpool NC22 Robotic Pool Cleaner Front Intake

This guide provides a step-by-step procedure for replacing the Front Intake Flap(s) on a Smartpool NC22 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Note: Although this guide features the NC22 model cleaner, these instructions can be used for replacing the Front Intake Flaps on other models of Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaners that use these Front Intakes.When the Smartpool NC22 Robotic Pool Cleaner is ruining, it sucks water into the Filter Bag through two intakes in the front of the Cleaner and two in the back. When the Cleaner shuts off, a spring loaded flap closes off each of these intakes to prevent debris in the bag from escaping back into the pool. If these flaps are damaged or fail to close, they should be replaced. 

1. BUY PARTS - Buy the parts you will need to have everything in place for this task. The only part required for this task is the Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaner Front Intake Flap.

2. TURN CLEANER OVER - The Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaner Front Intake Flaps are integrated into the Bottom Lid. Turn the Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaner on its back to access the Bottom Lid.

3. ROTATE FRONT PEGS - Rotate the two red locking pegs to their open position, as shown.

4. RELEASE BACK CLIPS - Press the two red locking clips near the Drive Brushes in towards the center of the lid.

5. REMOVE BOTTOM LID AND BAG - Lift the Bottom Lid up off of the Cleaner. The Filter Bag will be attached on the bottom of the Lid.

6. PULL TAB - Hold the Lid and pull the tab marked "PULL TO REMOVE BAG" to release the Bag's frame out of its holding tabs.

7. REMOVE BAG FRAME - Pull the Filter Bag Frame away from the six tabs that hold the Frame to the Bottom Lid.

8. VIEW BOTTOM LID - When you view the Bottom Lid with the bag off, you will see the location of the two front Intake Flaps and the two back Intake Flaps.

9. VIEW FRONT INTAKE FLAP - This is a picture of the left Intake Flap mounted in the frame of the Bottom Lid. The Flap is force fit into a tube bracket on the frame. To remove it you gently spread the two prongs away from the bracket as shown. Just spread them far enough to clear the bracket.

10. REMOVE FRONT INTAKE FLAP - When the two prongs clear the bracket, pull the Intake valve forward to remove it.

11. REPLACE FRONT INTAKE FLAP - Replacing the new Front Intake Flap is the reverse process of taking it off. Spread the two prongs just far enough to get the Flap onto the bracket. Make sure you have the Flap spring positioned correctly. See next step.

12. VIEW SPRING PLACEMENT - This is a picture of how the spring should be positioned when reinstalling the new front Intake Flap. If it is not installed correctly, there won't be enough tension on the Flap to keep it closed when the Cleaner is shut off.

13. REPLACE OTHER INTAKE FLAPS IF REQUIRED - If any of the other Intake Flaps are damaged, replace them following the same procedure as shown above.

14. TURN FILTER BAG RIGHT-SIDE-OUT - To prepare for replacing the Filter Bag, turn the Filter Bag right-side out.

15. ATTACH BACK END  OF BAG FRAME - The back end of the Bag Frame has the instructions "Warning: Push bag behind bottom lid TAB. Turn the Filter Bag over and place the back of the Bag Frame with the warning label between the frame of the cleaner and the tab, as shown.

16. ATTACH FRONT END OF BAG - Using the cloth tab, pull the front of the Bag Frame over the lip and behind the two front tabs.

17. PLACE SIDES OF BAG FRAME BEHIND SIDE TABS - Place the sides of the Bag Frame behind the two side tabs on each side, as shown.

18. CHECK THAT BAG FRAME IS INSIDE TABS - Recheck to make sure that the Filter Bag Frame is placed behind all the tabs and is completely seated.

19. TURN BOTTOM LID OVER - Turn the Bottom Lid over with the Filter Bag hanging down.

20. PLACE BOTTOM LID INTO THE CLEANER - Place the Bottom Lid and Filter Bag into the Cleaner. Insert the front end of the Lid into the Cleaner first. Then press the back end of the Lid down into the Cleaner until you hear both of the red Clips click into place. Make sure all of the bag material is inside the Cleaner. Otherwise, the the Bottom Lid will not close and latch properly.

21. ROTATE RED LOCKING POSTS - Once the Bottom Lid is fully seated, you should be able to rotate the red locking post into their locking position, as shown.

22. READY TO GO - That's it. You have a new Intake Flap(s) replaced in your Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaner. Your Cleaner is ready to go.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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