How to Change a Polaris Pool Cleaner Sweep Tail Scrubber

In this guide you will understand how to replace Polaris Sweep Tail Scrubber if yours has become damaged or dysfunctional.The Polaris Pool Cleaner Sweep Tail Scrubber is the water agitator on the back end of your unit, that has a dual purpose of kicking up debris on the bottom of your pool to make it easier to clean and also the scrub steel wool type material at the end of the tail acts as a scrubber. 

1. First disconnect your cleaner from its water port and hose, and set the hose to the side until tail scrubber installation is complete.

2. The Polaris Sweep Tail Scrubber is the length of hose located under the float head. Replacement Polaris 280 Float Head part #: 3260-A020, Sweep Tail part #: 3260-B005

3. To disconnect the Sweep Tail Scrubber from the Polaris's Feed Pipe, locate the clamp on the sweep tail's feed hose side, while gripping clamp as shown in this picture move one side to the 12 O'clock position and the opposite side to the 6 O'clock position. Continue doing this until the clamp's teeth are unbound then remove from the hose. Replacement Polaris 280 Feed Pipe part #: 3260-K030, Clamp part #: 3260-B015

4. With the clamp off the connection, slide the old sweep tail off the feed pipe nozzle and discard old scrubber. Replacement Polaris 280 Pool Cleaner Scrubber Tail part #: 3260-B005

5. Now to install the new Polaris Sweep Tail, first you may want to moisten the end of the nose hose connection with a solution of water and dish soap to make it easier to fit over feed pipe nozzle. After applying solution simply connect hose to feed pipe.

6. To secure the Sweeper Tail to the Polaris Feed Pipe, connect the tail to the pipe then slide the clamp over the hose and spout. Once around the hose pinch the clamp to tighten as needed. Replacement Polaris 280 Feed Pipe part #: 3260-K030, Clamp part #: 3260-B015

7. Once you have applied the clamp you check to be sure your new Polaris Sweeper Tail Scrubber is securely tightened to your cleaner, if you find no issues, you may resume operation of your pool cleaner.

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