How to Change a Polaris Pool Cleaner Bag

Follow these advice to replace your existing Polaris Cleaner filter bag:

1. First turn off your booster pump and disconnect hose from the dedicated pressure cleaner line, then remove your cleaner from the pool.

2. You will find the Polaris Cleaner bag at the top of your unit, the bag's plastic cuff is the fastening element that keeps the bag attached to the cleaner during operation. Replacement Polaris Pool Cleaner All Purpose Bag part #: 3260-K016

3. To release the Polaris Cleaner Bag, turn the bag's plastic cuff either clockwise or counter a fraction of an inch to release the pressure paddles inside the cleaner body and lift up. In this picture you can see the arrow and line where the cuff meets the cleaner, turn it to the point seen.

4. Discard worn or damaged bag.

5. With your new Polaris Filter Bag in hand, align the pressure paddles on the bag cuff and the arrow on the cleaner connector pipe and slide down until your hear it snap into place. Before resuming operation of your Polaris Pool Cleaner, please inspect your cleaner for any other issues.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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