How To Change a Pod on a Hayward Navigator or Pool Vac Ultra

This guide will help you to replace pods on the Pool Cleaner. A Hayward Navigator or Pool Vac Ultra pool cleaner has two pods on the left and right side of the lower body assembly. The cleaner shoes and wings are attached to these pods and it is the back and forth motion of these pods that allows the cleaner to move. Periodically these pods become worn or cracked or the hooks that hold the wings on are broken off. 

1. To remove the pods, first turn the cleaner right side up and, using a flat screwdriver, pry the pod plug off the right pod. This will expose the end of a hex screw that secures the pod to the lower body of the cleaner. Note: We have detached the lower body of the cleaner to show the connection of the pod to the A-Frame. You do not have to remove the lower body to replace a pod.

2. Using a 1/4" hex socket wench, remove the screw from the pod. You will need a thin wall socket to reach the head of the screw. Keep track of the small washer that is under the head of the screw. It may be stuck at the bottom of the screw hole.

3. The pod is attached to the square end of the right A-Frame. Pull the pod off of the end of the A-Frame.

4. To attach the new pod, reverse the sequence described above. The pods are marked "R" and "L". Make sure you select the "R" pod. Press the new pod onto the end of the A-Frame. Secure the pod with the hex screw - make sure you include the small washer. Insert the pod plug and tap it in with the end of the screwdriver. Repeat steps 1-4 to replace the left pod.

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