How to Change a Great White Pool Cleaner Vacuum Skirt
The following guide is to show how to replace a Skirt on your Pool Cleaner device. The Sta Rite Great White Pool Cleaner Vacuum Skirt is essential to aiding with the cleaner's traction when traveling the surface of your pool. Without this essential piece your Great White Cleaner may find it hard to properly function.

1. Before disassembling your Sta Rite Great White Pool Cleaner be sure to disconnect the vacuum hose from the dedicated suction line of your pool. After hose is disconnected from the suction port then you may remove the Great White cleaner from the pool and remove the hose from the cleaner.

2. With the Great White Pool Cleaner sitting upside down you should be seeing it from this vantage point. To access the Great White Cleaner's Rubber Skirt you will need to remove these four screws to unseat the unit's brush system. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Vacuum Skirt part #: 3290-13, Brush part #: 3290-04, Screw Set part #: 3290-03

3. Using the two openings on either side of the lower body lift the lower portion of Great White Pool Cleaner out of the cleaner casing. Replacement Sta Rite Great White Cleaner Lower Body part #: 3290-11

4. The band we are replacing is the thin piece of rubber wrapped around the lower body of the cleaner being held in this picture.

5. To remove this band, locate the rubber skirt fasteners and slip the tabs through the openings until free.

6. The band will still be connected by these points on the lower body of the Sta Rite Great White Cleaner. The band will slip over this supports, do this action to all the points until the rubber skirt is removed.

7. At this point we can now install the new Great White Pool Cleaner Rubber Skirt.

8. Take the new skirt and attach it to the hook supports of the cleaner's lower body.

9. When attaching the skirt be sure that the connecting tabs are situated in the middle of the flat side of the lower body.

10. To connect the rubber band tabs correctly follow the next few picture steps.




14. With the new Sta Rite Great White Pool Cleaner Vacuum Skirt in place we can now secure the lower body with the 4 screws. Check for for any loose parts before resuming operation of your StaRite Great White Pool Cleaner.

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