How to Change a Great White Pool Cleaner Oscillator Kit and seals

This guide will walk you through replacing an Oscillator Kit and seals. The Great White Pool Cleaner oscillator is key to having a functioning cleaner, he creates an agitating action that promotes the movement and cleaning action of the cleaner.

1. Before disassembling your Sta-Rite Great White Pool Cleaner be sure to disconnect the vacuum hose from the dedicated suction line of your pool. After the hose is disconnected from the suction port then you may remove the Great White cleaner from the pool and remove the hose from the cleaner.

2. With the Great White Pool Cleaner sitting upside down you should be seeing it from this vantage point. To access oscillator assembly you will need to remove these four screws to unseat the cleaner's drive and brush system. Replacement Sta-Rite Great White Cleaner Oscillator Kit w/ Seals part #: 3290-15, Brush part #: 3290-04, Screw Set part #: 3290-03

3. Using the two openings on either side of the lower body lift the lower portion of Great White Pool Cleaner out of the cleaner casing. 

4. Turn the lower body over so you are looking at the gear assembly of the cleaner. Pop the oscillator chamber cover off the gear assembly, it is held in place by 2 latches on either side.

5. On the gear set not on oscillator's shaft there is a screw you must remove to extract the assembly. Once this screw is removed lift the gear assembly out of place.

6. The gear set that was held in place by the screw can now be removed. Taking out this set will make it easier to extract the main gears of the Great White Pool Cleaner.

7. While using the oscillator shaft as a grip, lift the assembly out of the lower body. At this point, you can remove one of the rubber stoppers and slip off the gears and oscillator itself.

8. Before placing new oscillator onits shaft install the composite plastic half moon inserts in their grooves.

9. First, place the oscillator onto the shaft.

10. Then the pinwheel companion.

11. Place the gear spring onto the pinwheel support.

12. The thick gear which chontrols the back and forth of the set goes on next.

13. Then the skinnier gear.

14. Finally, the last gear with the support arms is installed. the support arms are what helps stabilize the assembly while the Great White Pool Cleaner is in use.

15. Place the new gear assembly into the lower bodyand reattach the cover.

16. With the new Sta Rite Great White Pool Cleaner gear set body in place we can now secure the lower body with the 4 screws. Check for for any loose parts before resuming operation of your StaRite Great White Pool Cleaner.

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