How to Change a Dolphin Advantage Impeller

This guide will help you to replace the damaged Dolphin Advantage impeller. The impeller on the Dolphin Advantage Pool Cleaner is the fan blade on the inside of the unit that creates the vacuum action to clear debris from your pool. Due to the wear and tear on a cleaner, heavy debris or possibly user error, the impeller on a Dolphin Advantage pool cleaner can become damaged. Simply follow these instructions:

1. With the Dolphin Pool cleaner out of the pool sitting on its wheel tubes, turn the impeller tube counter-clockwise until the notches on the tube line up with the groove on the cleaner opening the extract.

2. The impeller is held in by one screw. Remove this screw being careful not to touch any jagged or sharp edges of the fan. Replacement Dolphin Advantage Impeller part #: 3295-152, Impeller Tube part #: 3295-150

3. If the fan was broken and there are missing pieces from the fins removing these before placing the new part in the unit is key. When operation restarts those pieces could damage the new impeller.

4. Place the Dolphin Cleaner Impeller on the motor shaft, lining up the flat side of the shaft to the slotted hole on the impeller and secure with screw.

5. Once the Dolphin Cleaner Impeller is in place, re-install the impeller tube by placing it back in opening and securing it by turning it clockwise.

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