How To Assemble an Above Ground Pool - Part 2 - Erecting the Wall

Part 2. This guide shows you how to erect the Wall of an Above Ground Pool. We assume that you have completed Part 1 - assembling the bottom rails. These instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

1. A quick warning: DO NOT erect your pool wall on a windy day. The Wall is a large surface and will get away from you and could fold leaving a long crease. This crease will not come out and will be a weak point in your Wall.

2. Count the number of Vertical Uprights you have to insure they are all there. This quantity will vary according to the size and make of your pool. This 12' pool has 11 Verticals Uprights.

3. Remove the Wall from box. Open the bottom and slide the Wall out of its box so that it is standing upright. Check that the Wall is right side up. The rectangular hole for the skimmer will be in the top part of the Wall.

4. Before you cut the strap around the coiled Wall, place the coiled Wall on a piece of cardboard on the outside of the pool, next to where you will position your pump.

5. Cut the strap on the coil and walk the Wall around pool while someone is uncoiling the roll. You may need 2-3 extra people to hold up the Wall.

6. Position the Wall so that seam is on a Base Plate.

7. Insert one end of Wall into Base Rail at the center of a Base Plate.

8. Continue inserting the bottom edge of the Wall into the Base Rail as you walk around the pool.

9. After you have completely inserted the base of the Wall into the Base Rail, the two ends of the Wall should overlay slightly and the holes in the ends of the Wall should line up. Also the seam in the Wall should line up in the center of the Base Plate. With the seam in the center of the Base Plate, you will be able to cover the seam with a Vertical Upright.

10. Place the Wall Joiner Bars on either side of the seam.

11. Place bolts thru both Joiner Bars and holes in each end of the Wall. Place the head of bolt on the inside - nut on the outside. Do every other bolt loose first then fill in the rest of the bolts and tighten. Use your pool ladder to get inside your pool to secure the lower bolts. Place 3 layers of duct tape over the inside joiner to help protect the liner.

12. Place a Vertical Upright onto one of the Base Plates. On this pool the top and bottom of the Vertical Uprights are the same - either end can be secured to the Base Plate. This is not true of all models so you may have to check what end goes down.

13. Secure the Vertical Upright to the Base Plate with self tapping screws. The holes for the screws are predrilled.

14. The tops of the Vertical Uprights are left unsecured at this point so that you can overlap the liner later between the outside of the wall and the Vertical Upright.

15. You are now ready to lay down the flooring. Click to go to Part 3 - Installing the Floor Padding and Coving.

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