How To Assemble an Above Ground Pool - Part 1 - Bottom Rail Assembly

Part 1. This guide shows you how to assemble the bottom rails into which your pool wall will be inserted. Normally these rails would be assembled on a leveled ground surface but for demonstration purposes we are assembling this pool on a concrete slab. These instructions may vary according to your pool model so consult your owner's manual for any variations.

1. First count your base pieces to insure they are all there. The number of pieces will vary according to the size and make of your pool. This 12' pool has 11 Base Plates and 10 Base Rails.

2. Place the Base Plates and Base Rails around in a 12' circle. On a prepared ground surface you would have embedded 11 patio tiles around the circumference of the circle and your Base Plates would be placed in the center of these tiles.

3. Insert the end of each Base Rail into the slots of the Base Plate. Slide the Rail in until it stops at the dimple on the Plate. It is important that the rail is inserted all the way so that the diameter of the circle will be correct. Note that the larger part of the Base Plate is positioned on the outside of the circle. Watch your fingers. There are several sharp edges on the Plates.

4. Place another Base Rail into the other side of the Base Plate.

5. Continue assembling the other Base Rails into the Base Plates until you have a complete circle.

6. On your leveled ground surface, reposition the circle so that each Base Plate is in the center of your patio tiles.

7. Measure across the diameter of the circle to make sure it is 12' across. Repeat measurement at a couple of more points around the circle. If your circle is slightly larger than 12', check that all your rails are push in all the way to the dimple.

8. Now you are ready to put up the wall. Click to go to Part 2 - Erecting the wall.

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