How To Assemble a Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner.

This guide provides a step-by-step procedure for assembling and installing a Pentair Lil Shark pool cleaner in your above ground pool.

1. CHECK PARTS - This picture shows the parts you should have received to install your Pentair Lil Shark Suction Cleaner in your above ground pool: 1 - AUTOMATIC VACUUM REGULATOR BODY; 2 - AUTOMATIC VACUUM REGULATOR DIAPHRAGM; 3 - AUTOMATIC VACUUM REGULATOR GUARD; 4 - FLOW DIRECTOR; 5 - LIL SHARK BODY; 6 - REDUCER CONE; 7 - SWIVEL ASSEMBLY.

2. STRAIGHTEN HOSES - Remove the hoses from the box and lay them out in the sun straight to remove the coils.

3. ATTACH SWIVEL ASSEMBLY - Insert the Swivel Assembly into the top of the Cleaner Body and rotate it 1/4 turn to lock it in place.

4. SET BRUSH RING ADJUSTER - Set the Brush Ring Adjuster to "0".

5. ATTACH HOSE - Slide the cuff of the long Hose over the end of the Swivel Assembly. You Lil Shark comes with three lengths of hose; 20', 8', and 2'. Your hose should be 5' to 8' longer than the full length of your pool.

6. VIEW DIAPHRAGMS - Two black rubber Diaphragms are provided with your Cleaner; one labeled "50" and the other "60". Attaching "50" on the Automatic Vacuum Regulator will cause the Cleaner to run slower that using "60".

7. ATTACH "60" DIAPHRAGM - Slide the "60" Diaphragm over the side port of the Automatic Vacuum Regulator.

8. ATTACH DIAPHRAGM GUARD - Place the guard over the end of the side port and twist it over in place over the Diaphragm. This guard is a safety feature to prevent accidental suction of people at the Diaphragm.

9. ATTACH THE REDUCER CONE - Slide the Reducer Cone onto the bottom of the Automatic Vacuum Regulator. The Reducer Cone keeps the hose in place at the bottom of the skimmer.

10. ATTACH HOSE TO REGULATOR - Slide the other end of the hose over the end of the Automatic Vacuum Regulator.

11. SUBMERGE CLEANER - Turn Cleaner upside down and submerge the Cleaner and hose until both are filled with water.

12. ATTACH HOSE TO SKIMMER - With the pump off, push the Reducer Cone attached to the Regulator into the port at the bottom of the Skimmer.


14. ADUST BRUSH RING ADJUSTOR - Change the setting of the Brush Ring Adjustor for best performance: "0" provides largest circles of operation; "4" provides tightest.

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