Assembling of the Polaris 9300 Pool Cleaner Transport Caddy

This guide provides a step-by-step for assembling the Transport Caddy and installing the Control Unit.The Transport Caddy for Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner provides a convenient way to store and transport the Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner and its Control Unit. 

1. Tools you will need. The main tool you will need is the star end Allen wrench which comes with the hardware for the Transport Caddy. As an option, if you have a power drill with a star end bit, it would speed up the assembly procedure. Hand tighten the screws to prevent stripping the plastic threads. You will also need a regular Phillips head screwdriver for a couple of the screws.

2. These are the parts that you will receive to build the caddy for your Polaris 9300 Robotic Pool Cleaner.

3. Insert the upper tube handles into the bottom tubes of the cart as shown with the handles angled out over the wheels. See the introduction picture. Make sure the screw holes are aligned.

4. Place the bottom power cable hook on the wheel side of the uprights. Note that the caddy has been flip upside down in this step. The posts on the cable hook fixture have to line up and be inserted into the aligned holes in the tubes. Make sure that the hook is pointing down to the wheels.

5. Place the cable hook plate opposite the power cable hook. It's posts are inserted in the holes opposite the cable hook holes

6. Secure the two halves together with a screw. Hand tighten

7. Complete securing the bottom cable hook plate with 2 bolts and nuts. Hand tighten.

8. Position the upper power cable hook and the control unit hook on the upper tubes. They each have posts that are inserted into the holes in the upper tubes.

9. Secure the two halves together with a screw. Hand tighten

10. Complete securing the control unit hook with 2 bolts and nuts. Hand tighten.

11. The wheels should come attached to the lower frame. Place 2 caps on the nuts on the both sides of each wheel.

12. Attach the support blocks to the bottom of the caddy. Note that there are two holes in the each side of the bottom tube. Use the holes closest to the wheel for the Polaris 9300 Cleaner. The other set of holes is used for the Polaris 9400 Cleaner. Place the flange side of the support block on the outside of the tube frame as shown in the next step.

13. Each of the two support block is secured onto the tube frame with a set of 2 screws. Use a Phillips head screwdriver and hand tighten.

14. Position the Control Unit onto the control unit hook on the caddy.

15. Slide the locking plate clips into the control hook and flip it up over the handle of the control unit.

16. Line up the screw holes and secure the locking plate with 2 star head screws.

17. Make sure that the control box is disconnected from the wall socket.

18. Disconnect the cleaner cable from the control box by twisting the collar counter clockwise and pulling the cable plug off the connection.

19. Replace the connection cap.

20. To add the cleaner to the caddy, lift it by the handle and place the back tires onto the top of the support blocks.

21. Now roll the back wheels towards the caddy wheels and lower the front end of the cleaner onto the frame of the caddy. Storage on the caddy keeps the brushes from lying on the ground and flattening out.

22. Wrap the cleaner cable around the hooks at the rear of the caddy. Start from the cleaner and remove any kinks as you coil the cable onto the hooks.

23. Your Polaris 9300 Pool Cleaner Transport Caddy is now ready to move your cleaner to the pool or to storage.

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