Cleaning a Hayward Leaf Canister

This guide is on how to clean a Hayward Leaf Canister.The Hayward Leaf Canister is used in conjunction with the Hayward Navigator to catch leaves that may otherwise clog your or filter system.

1. First remove your Hayward Leaf Canister from your pool then disconnect the vacuum hose from each end of the canister. Replacement Hayward Leaf Canister part #: W560, Hayward Leaf Canister Large Capacity part #: W530

2. Before removing going further you may want to take this time to empty any remaining water in the canister, now you may unscrew the leaf canister locking ring which holds the lid in place, it is a simple "lefty loosey" type thread. Replacement Hayward Leaf Canister Locking Ring: 3259-W532

3. The Hayward Leaf Canister Lid is now free to be removed, check the lid and the lid gasket to it is snug in the groove and has not warped. Replacement Hayward Lid part#: 3259-W533, Hayward Leaf Canister Lid O-Ring: 3259-W542

4. Next will be the removal of the canister bag, grasp the top of the bag which has a molded plastic ring sewn into the fabric and pull up and out. At this time inspect the bag for any holes and then discard any debris. Replacement Hayward Leaf Canister Bag part #: 3259-W538

5. Now that you have you Hayward leaf Canister disassembled before putting it back together take this time to do one final look over to be sure they are good working order.

6. Reassemble your canister by first placing the bag into the canister housing, when in place the bag's plastic mouth ring should be sitting flat in the mouth of the canister.

7. Sit the lid over the mouth of the Hayward Leaf Canister and tighten down into place using the locking ring.

8. Lastly, connect the Hayward Leaf Canister back into the vacuum hose line.

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