How to Clean an Aquabot Classic Robotic Pool Cleaner Filter Bag

This guide will help you to undertand how to clean the Filter Bag or replace it if it becomes damaged. For optimum performance, your Aquabot Classic Robotic Pool Cleaner Filter Bag should be thoroughly cleaned after every use. The cleaner relies on a strong water flow to effectively clean the pool surfaces and to climb the walls. If the filter bag becomes clogged with debris, it will not only restrict water flow but it will also weight the clearer down so that it will not be able to climb the walls. 

1. TURN OFF POWER - Unplug the Cleaner's Power Supply from the GFCI wall outlet.

2. TURN CLEANER OVER - Turn the Cleaner over on its back and place it on a towel.

3. UNLATCH BOTTOM LID ASSEMBLY - Unlatch the Bottom Lid Assembly by pushing the two latches, at the middle of the Lid, off the Lid.

4. LIFT OUT BOTTOM LID ASSEMBLY - Lift the Bottom Lid Assembly straight up our of the cleaner.

5. REMOVE FILTER BAG - Take the Filter Bag off of the Wire Frame Bag Support. Note the position of the small label.

6. INSPECT FILTER BAG - Look at the Filter Bag for any tears or damage. Replace the Bag if necessary.

7. TURN FILTER BAG INSIDE OUT - Reverse the Filter Bag so that the small label is on the inside. The dirty side of the Bag is on the outside.

8. CLEAN FILTER BAG - With a jet stream from a garden hose, spray off the dirt from the inside out. If you choose to machine wash the Bag, use a gentle cycle and cold water with no detergent. Air dry.

9. REPLACE FILTER BAG - Re-install the Filter Bag on to the Wire Frame Bag Su[ports. Make sure that the soft felt side is facing in - small label is on the outside. Make sure the small label at the center of a long side. Pull the elastic bottom of the Filter Bag down over the plastic channels on the Bottom Lid.

10. ADJUST FILTER BAG - Pull the Filter Bag corners to the top corners of the Wire Frame and push the extra Bag material to the center of the Frame.

11. REPLACE BOTTOM LID ASSEMBLY - Insert the Bottom Lid Assembly into the body of the Cleaner. Make sure that the Bag material is tucked in so that it doesn't get pinched in the edge of the Lid or interfere with the latches.

12. READY TO GO - Turn your Cleaner upright, place it in the water and plug it in.

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