Five Steps to Winterize a Sand Filter

The sand filter can be switched out for media that's designed to catch particles smaller than 20 micron. This means that the more you use it, the more it can trap.

It's a waste of time and money to change out your sand filter pump every time you close the pool. Instead, keep your equipment and filter media organized and ready to go when the season begins.


1. Backwash

This season, make sure that your filter is clean and fresh to avoid getting damaged or even growing. It’s important to keep it fresh to prevent bacteria from getting established and growing.


2. Rinse

After you’ve washed the filter, go to move the valve to the “rinse” position and let it run for thirty seconds.. This will keep the bacteria at bay and make the pump happy.


3. Wrench the Valve

Your valve should be turned on to winterize to allow the water to drain from it. This will help remove the grime and sand that has built up on it.


4. Disconnect the Drain Cap

Your filter pump’s top mount valve has been cleaned out, but still has a lot of water in it. This will help remove the water from your tank and store it somewhere easy next spring.


5. Store It Away

After the tank has been drained, the hose attachment is off, and the drain cap is off. Now, it’s time to store the various components of the project in a dry, safe place.



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