Importance of Winterizing Your Pool Filter

Winterizing your pool filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your pool’s filtration system working properly.


What It Means

If you can’t swim all year long, then you probably should close your pool for the winter. Winterizing your pipes and keeping your pool closed will help you save on your energy bill. Aside from keeping your pool clean, this also involves closing the filter system. This process involves draining the system and reinstalling it.


Importance of Winterizing Your Pool Filter 

A few reasons:

1. Cracking

Not closing your pool filter when it's cold could cause your pipes to crack. Having a pool line blow out is also important to prevent the issue from happening.

2. Bad Bacteria

You might think that by unplugging your filter, you’re doing it for good. However, this method leaves your filter with a bad taste in its mouth and leaves the water with a bunch of contaminants.

3. Extreme Exposure

Even if your filter doesn't crack, exposing it to the elements can cause it to prematurely wear and tear. Winterizing it can help prevent this issue.


When You Need to Winterize Your Pool Filter 

This process involves getting rid of the pool using a vacuum and ensuring that its chemical balance is ideal. You'll also want to make sure that the pool has been drained. We will tell you in detail how to winterize one or another type of pool filter in the next blog posts. Stay tuned.


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