Five Steps to Winterize a D.E. Filter

The D.E. filter is a high-maintenance type that traps particles that are less than 3 microns wide. This means it’s not as effective at killing algae and other harmful organisms. When winterizing your D.E. filter, be sure to use caution. You’ll want to avoid any type of damage to the filter.


1. Make Sure You’re Prepared

Winterizing your D.E. filter should only be performed after the pool has been cleaned and drained. Once this is done, just follow this step and winterize your filter.


2. Bump Handle

The bump handle is a part of the filter pump that fits into the cap. It’s a simple and effective way to move the filter pump up and down. However, it’s also a technique that requires practice.


3. Empty the Tank

The bacteria and water in your tank can grow dormant during the winter season. To prevent this, empty the tank and replace it with fresh water.


4. Disconnect

You can now remove the water from the filter tank by removing all of its components. This will allow you to access its inner portion.


5. Rinse and Restore

Once the winterizing process is finished, it’s time to prepare for the next step. This will involve washing the filter tank bottom and the D.E. grids. After thoroughly washing the filter, reinstall its parts, such as the tank cover and bolts. Store them away in a dry, safe place.



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