Five Steps to Winterize a Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filter systems are like the smart cars of swimming pools. They work well for smaller, more eco-friendly pools. These are great for minimizing the spread of bacteria and particles smaller than 10 microns. They're also easy to winterize.


1. Power Off

Before you close your pool, make sure that your pool pump is turned off. This will prevent any surprises, and it will allow you to drain the water without damaging your equipment.


2. Unhook Your Hoses

You can now remove the filter hoses from the pool. These are usually secured with clamps that are easy to remove using a flathead screwdriver.


3. Open It

Unlike a sand filter, a cartridge filter is designed to remove dirt and oil from your air. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to open up your filter tank. If the cartridge is on its last legs, remove it and replace it with a new cartridge filter. It can be cleaned using a liquid cleaning agent.


4. Dry It

One of the biggest mistakes pool owners make is storing their newly cleaned filter away for months. Instead of just throwing it away, close it up, and let it dry.


5. Store It Away

Winterizing your filter cartridge is a simple and quick process. Just store it in a safe, dry, and enclosed place. Make sure that the pool is dry before you start to move. This will help avoid getting stuck in the mud and making sure that the pump works properly.



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