Dolphin Pool Cleaners Maintenance vol.2

Each week, Maytronics will answer questions submitted by our readers, who are asking about the latest in pool technology. We'll also provide helpful advice and solutions for those who are just starting out.


What you’ve learned already:

  •  Filters – Dolphin filter bag/cartridge care (1.0)
  •  Service, Warranties & Rebates – Your Dolphin experience (1.0)

What you’ll learn in this and future posts:

  •  Navigation – Getting your Dolphin robot “unstuck” (2.0)
  •  Power Supply & Timer – Operating your robotic vacuum (3.0)
  •  MyDolphin App & Bluetooth® – Using remote control features (3.0)

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Navigation: Get Your Dolphin Moving

Get your Dolphin moving! The (4) Q&A points covered here address navigation.

Help! It’s stuck.

Q. What can I do if my drop-and-go robot gets stuck over a pool drain, etc.?

A. Ergonomic Dolphin commercial and backyard pool cleaners equipped with PowerStream mobility drive systems have an escape feature programmed right in, which tells them when they’re stuck. That gives them the power needed to navigate sticky situations. Whichever model you have, it’s helpful to know that:

  •  High VGB main drains can derail Dolphins.
  •  Heavy suction can cause Dolphins to get stuck.
  •  It’s best to turn pool pumps OFF during operation.
  •  An impeller cover may help on some Dolphin models.
  •  The optional* cover angles expelled pool water back vs. up.

*If your Dolphin doesn't have an impeller cover, install an alternative pool supply or a similar device over the main drain. This fix will solve the issue and make your swim experience more enjoyable.


Upwardly mobile?

Q. My robot isn’t climbing. How do I get it upwardly mobile?

A. Do you clean your Dolphin filter bags and cartridges after EACH use? They may be clogged, so try a deep cleaning. Spray vigorously with a hose (L. to R., top to bottom) to rinse off coarse debris, fine particles and ultra-fine debris. If your unit has a filter bag, machine wash it on gentle but let it air dry fully before you re-seat it.


Impressive, but …

Q. Our robot is floating, lifting up and doing wheelies. How’s that possible?!

A. Your Dolphin maneuvers around your pool by starting and stopping the impeller. This helps the cleaner make precise turns. First, check to be sure filter bags and cartridges aren’t dirty or otherwise clogged. As an added precaution, clean them. Finally, ensure proper installation:

  •  Snap all (4) FILTER CARTRIDGES in place, leaving no visible gaps.
  •  Be sure FILTER BAG elastic is snug along the bottom lid and stretches over the plastic lip, leaving no visible gaps.


Got ghost tracks?

Q. My robot pool cleaner is leaving clear “tracks” on the pool’s surface. Too, I think it’s failing to clean our pool water as it travels. What could be wrong?

A. It is possible that your Dolphin has dual-surface brushes that are equipped with foam rings and PVC bristles. However, these components must be fully saturated with water before the cleaning cycle begins. Not being hydrated will prevent Dolphin brushes from effectively suctioning. Also, a lack of oxygen will keep them from working properly.

Finally, stay tuned for more DIY Troubleshooting tips!


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