Dolphin Pool Cleaners Maintenance vol.1

Maytronics pool cleaning robots are the most popular among pool cleaners. They make pool maintenance easy and effective. With the industry's best robotic pool cleaner warranties, you can rest assured that your pool will be cleaned efficiently and effectively.

In this series, we’ll discuss how to troubleshoot robotic vacuum and pool owner issues. Each blog will focus on a different type of issue, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Dolphin DIY Troubleshooting

We’ve got some answers for you. There are a variety of questions that can be answered regarding the Dolphin’s intelligent navigation system, timers, and more. Through these easy-to-use tutorials, Maytronics will help you troubleshoot various issues that can be solved by yourself:

  • Filters – Care for Dolphin filter bags/cartridges.
  • Navigation – Get your Dolphin robot “unstuck.”
  • Power Supply & Timer – Run your robotic vacuum.
  • MyDolphin App & Bluetooth® – Use remote features.
  • Manuals, Parts & Repairs – Locate info, components, etc.
  • Service, Warranties & Rebates – Enjoy your Dolphin experience.

In this series, we’ll walk you through the various steps necessary to maintain the performance of your Dolphin Pool Cleaning robot. In this section, we’ll cover various topics such as how to contact a technical support representative, how to activate a pool cleaner warranty, and how to claim any rebates that are due to you.

To suggest a DIY topic, click HERE. Let the troubleshooting begin!


Caring for Dolphin Filter Bags & Cartridges

The Dolphin features a multi-layer filter that traps various particles and wastes. This system helps keep the water at a safe level for everyone.

Getting your pool or spa's filter cleaned regularly can help maintain its high level of cleanliness. It's as simple as washing it with a hose and letting it air dry.


The light’s on!

Q. The Full Filter Indicator light comes on—but our filters are clean. What could this mean?

A. Your Dolphin’s Full Filter Indicator light is controlled by a sensor attached to the unit’s motor. It should come on anytime a filter bag or filter cartridge is near full, making it difficult for your Dolphin to draw water through it. Let’s say this isn’t the case for you, since it doesn’t sound like it. You’ll want to apply these DIY quick fixes:

•    Clear all filter bags/cartridges of visible debris.
•    Then, deep clean and fully seat the unit’s filters.
•    With your Dolphin in use, press the “Reset” button.
•    Hold the “Reset” button down for about 3-5 seconds.
•    Check the Full Filter Light indicator, ensuring that it’s off.

In essence, what you’ve just done is “zero” out the sensor. As a result, that light shouldn’t turn on again until the filters begin to fill up or are full.


What about damaged filters?

Q. My Dolphin’s filters are torn or otherwise damaged. Because of this, I want to know if there are replacement parts available. If so, what’s the best way for me to obtain them?

A. We’re sorry to hear that, though you may be luckier than you think! It’s possible your filters are still covered by a warranty. Even if they aren’t, parts and accessories like these can be purchased from a local authorized retailer within the Maytronics Distributor network. We’re happy to help you figure out which situation applies to you:

•    First, locate your unit’s Serial #.
•    Look in the casing near the bar code.
•    See that white strip? Your Serial # is there.
•    Call Dolphin Customer Support: (888) 365-7446.
•    If a warranty applies, we’ll ship you a replacement.

If a warranty does not apply, we’ll make a friendly referral to your closest neighborhood Dolphin dealer.


Customer Service, Rebates & Warranties

Dolphin’s Technical Support Team and Customer Support Team are here to help you get the most out of your investment. They’re there to help you get the most out of your pool experience.

Maytronics US can help you find the right pool accessories for your Olympic-sized swimming pool, as well as repair or install a new one. They also know their stuff. 

Are you keen to know which Dolphin robot is best suited to your own private swimming pool? Contact to Or click HERE to help yourself:

•    Register your Dolphin for faster service.
•    Upload proof of purchase for your Warranty.
•    Enter your Dolphin Days Rebate Coupon Code.
•    Coupon Code not working? Try entering it again.
•    If needed, verify the Coupon Code with your retailer.

Save your bill of sale when you buy Dolphin parts or products. Also, keep track of your unit serial number when you contact us.


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