Comparison of Hot Tub Sanitizers

There are a variety of ways to get rid of the grime and toxins from your hot tub or spa. When I first started, there were only a few options.

Chlorine and Bromine are commonly used to keep the water safe. However, they can also cause skin and hair damage.

There's a growing industry in the field of water treatment, which consists of various products that offer alternatives to traditional methods. Today we'll talk about Ozonators, Ultra Violet light, and Mineral Purifiers.


Hot Tub Ozone

An ozone generator is a powerful Sanitizer that uses electricity to separate oxygen from water. It's commonly used to blow air into ozone.

The oxygen atom rapidly bonds to a nearby substance and becomes O3. This makes O3 unstable and can destroy anything that gets in its way.


Down Side: The circulation pump is the vital component to make ozone. When it is off, the ozone is not being produced. This is because the ozone has a short life and rises rapidly.

Maintenance: Ozone units require replacement of their tubing and valve every 1-2 years. CD models require CD chip replacement every 1-2 years. AGP units can last for up to 5 years.

Effectiveness:A spa ozonator can help reduce the amount of chlorine and bromine in a pool by up to 50%. It's a powerful oxidizer.


Hot Tub UV Light

UV light purifiers work by radiating the water with a UV lamp that's producing a specific wavelength.

When exposed to UV light with a wavelength of UV-C, the particles become inert and can only reproduce once they have been exposed to the light for a short time.

Down Side: UV light is produced when the pump is running. It is only being used when the water is running. Its strength can be reduced by the high water flow rates and the temperature of the water.

Maintenance: The UV-C light is produced by a special bulb that's used to create a light source. It's important that these components are replaced regularly to keep them working properly.

Effectiveness: UV purification is a secondary sanitizer that can reduce the use of chlorine and bromine. It also inactivates harmful pathogens and parasites.


Hot Tub Mineral Purifiers

Pure mineral cartridges are designed to purify the water in hot tubs and spas. They're filled with copper and silver pellets that dissolve at a controlled rate.

The copper and silver work together as biocides, with the copper acting as a sanitizer and the silver as a base. A mineral stick can help lower chlorine and bromine usage by up to 50%.

Down Side: These mineral sticks are not as powerful as ozone, and they cannot kill the strongest of bacteria.

Maintenance: A lot of mineral sticks are replaced each 4 months, as the silver and copper in their bodies eventually deplete. No other maintenance is needed.

Effectiveness: Having a secondary sanitizer is also recommended by the MAHC (Model Aquatic Health Code). It can help minimize the reliance on harsh chlorine and bromine, and it can also help provide a nice back-up for those times when you have gaps in coverage.

These systems typically cost around $100 a year, but they can save the spa owner a few hundred dollars in other chemical costs. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional systems.


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