Overview of Spa and Hot Tub Valves

A spa water valve is a device that controls the flow of air or water in a room. They can also redirect it in different directions, like the flow of the pool.

When the pump is engaged, the water flow goes through the jets. It can also be shut off when the filter is cleaned or repaired.

Spa check valves are used to keep the water moving backwards in pipes. They're also called one-way flow valves, and they allow the flow of water in only one direction.


Spa Water Valves

Control the flow of water in a spa depends on the type of valve that's used. Some valves can handle both pressurized and temperature water.

There are 3 types of spa valve design - Ball valves, Guillotine valves and Diverter Valves used on spas and hot tubs.


Ball Valves

Ball valves are made with a ball shape diverter inside, and are usually made with or without unions. They are 2-way valves that have one pipe in and one pipe out.

These components are designed to work seamlessly with both a pool pump and a spa pack. They can be installed on either side of a pool pump to allow the easy repair of both.


Guillotine Valves

A slice valve is a 2-way valve that has a flat blade to prevent water flow. It's usually used on hot tubs and is available in various styles and sizes.


Diverter Valves

The Jandy valve is a revolutionary design that simplifies the use of pool and spa plumbing. It features a rotating diverter that allows for the configuration of 2 pipes in one pipe out.


Spa Check Valves

If your inground spa drain after the pump is turned off, there's a chance that it has a check valve that's designed to prevent the water from draining. The check valve on the air blower also has a check valve.

Spring-loaded spa check valves are designed to keep the valve closed until the required pressure is reached. These valves are available in 1" and 2.0" diameters.


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