What to Do With Leaking Hot Tub Filter?

The spa hot tub filter is one of the most critical components of a hot tub. It needs to be maintained correctly to avoid issues.

Sometimes, the leak of a hot tub filter can be caused by improperly fitting or removing the filter cover. This issue can also be caused by improperly draining or replacing the filter. There are also various types of cartridge filters for your hot tub.



Skimmer Filter Leaks

The main issue with a spa skimmer filter is that it gets leaking around the filter housing. You can either replace the gasket or seal the leak with silicone.

If the water level is too high, draining the spa will help lower it. If the water is too low, replace the spa skimmer gasket. This method will help avoid the issue of the screws getting stuck.

If your filter has cracks in its housing, this issue could be caused by freezing. This issue usually occurs due to the water that has been freezing inside the filter housing.

If the crack is small enough, a two-part epoxy sealant or a heavy duty silicone can be used. If the entire system gets cracked, it's wise to repair the entire assembly.

Aside from the basket and weir, some spa skimmers also have various other parts that are needed to keep them working properly. These include seals and clips for the various components.

If your spa water begins to leak, it's possible that the piece that connects to the skimmer filter is a threaded fitting or a smooth pipe.

If you can't reach the inside of the skimmer, try fitting a thick bead on its outer surface. Or, if the fitting can't be accessed, try sucking the sealant into the void.



Inline Filter Leaks

An inline filter is a type of filter that is separate from a standard pump and is typically placed in a location that's plumbed in. This means that it's usually connected to the pipe before the pump.

If a spa filter is attached to the pump before it's installed, cracks or loose parts can pull air into the system. Also, the filter's pressurized housing can cause it to leak water when the pump is on.

When it comes to leaking spa filter housings, the most common repair is to replace the entire filter assembly or the housing itself. This component will most likely include a new cartridge and a bypass valve.

The cracks on a hot tub filter housing can be repaired with an effective resin-hardener type epoxy sealant. If the cracks are big enough to require replacing the entire filter, this should be done immediately.

Sometimes, an inline spa filter can be installed without a cracked filter body. However, it can still leak if the filter lid snaps to the lock ring.

The lock rings are designed to be only hand-tight. However, they can still cause the filter o ring to crack if they are too tight. This issue usually applies to the filter cartridge-ring.



Top Load Filter Leaks

Top load filtrations are easily accessed while in the spa or standing outside the spa. They can be installed under the cabinet or on their own.

Top load and inline filter setups have plumbing connections that are located at the bottom of the filter body or housing. These connections are usually used for connecting pipes or hose lines.

If the Top Load filter is leaking, a new o-ring should be installed. This will help prevent the filter from leaking and provide a tighter lid.

If your spa filter has cracked or leaking water, the best solution is to replace the unit with a new one. For pressure filters, this should be done as soon as possible.

A leak can occur at the air bleeder or the drain plug of a hot tub. It can also be caused by improperly fitting or removing a filter.

If the pipe is leaking, check if you have threaded or slip fitting components. If the issue is not fixed, replace the filter housing. For threaded fittings, cut the pipe and remove the fitting using large pliers. For non-threaded fittings, replace the existing sealant and wrap the pipe in Teflon tape.

If the union is leaking, try tightening the nut on the inlet/outlet. If the hand doesn't seem to work, try loosening the union with pliers. Then, close the valves and replace the internal o-ring.


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