Bestway Pool Guide: Water Change

Hi! Today we'll talk about water changing in your Bestway above-ground pool.

Make sure you've already read our articles about chemicals use and pool cleaning.

Unlike other types of pools, the Bestway pools are designed to be taken down and set up once the seasons change. They do not require any changes unless there is a problem with the water. However, you will need to drain the pool completely before you can remove it.

There are two ways to drain the Bestway pool.

One of these is by using an electric water pump. The other is by using a garden hose siphon.

Electric Water Pump

After you have submerged the pump completely into the water, find a place where the outlet can be easily accessed. This will help minimize flooding.

After the water level starts to decrease, leave the pump running. Doing so will allow it to perform its job and keep the water level at a safe level. However, if it can’t get all of the water out, turn off the pump.

Garden Hose Siphon

You can also use a garden hose to siphon the water out of the pool. After taking out one end of the hose, submerge it completely into the water. Keep the other end in the tank to ensure that the liquid continues to flow out.

Make sure that the water level is not rising and that there is no flooding. After siphoning, remove the hose when it stops working. This method is slower compared to using a pump, as it will only allow you to remove around 6 inches of water.

You can also remove the remaining water by either squeezing it with a wet vac or carefully removing the pool's liner.


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