Bestway Pool Guide: Cleaning

Hi! Today we continue our guide for Bestway pools users. Read our first article about using chemicals.

Although the chemicals used to prevent algae and bacteria from forming in your pool can help keep it clean, regular cleaning is still needed. This can be done by removing debris from the waterline, as well as cleaning the pool equipment.

Some of the most effective ways to do this are by purchasing a swimming pool vacuum and a swimming pool pump.

Pool Vacuum

Although it’s not an essential item, a swimming pool vacuum can help keep your pool in its best condition. It can prevent algae buildup and keep it looking its best.

It can also be cheaper to use a vacuum as it can make your pool's chemicals more effective. It should be vacuumed once a week or every other week.

There are various types of pool vacuums that are available in our store. You're welcome!

Swimming Pool Pump

Aside from being essential, a pool pump also helps keep the water clean and safe to swim in. While it's in use, it should be regularly circulated to keep the water flowing for at least 8 hours.

The filter and pump can also be used together to remove debris from the water. They can additionally be used with the heating system to keep the water flowing all year round.

You can also clean out your filter once a week by hosing it down and removing the cartridge. You should additionally replace it if it's in poor condition.

While you're cleaning out your filter, make sure that the pump is also in good condition. It should be completely free of debris before it can cause a blockage.

You should also use pool cleaning products. Some of these contain phosphates that can encourage algae growth and create foam.


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