Best 6 Pool Handrails

There are many ways to get in and out of the pool. By default, you head to the pool steps on the shallow part of the pool. But if you are already on the other side, there is no better way to climb up but through the help of built-in pool handrail.

Pool handrails are, without a shred of doubt, some of the most forgotten pool accessories ever and that’s probably why many pool owners fail to fix them with their ground pools.

Despite being overlooked, it’s clear that pool handrails give your pool an entirely different look. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny pool at the back of your home or a bigger affair at the park— pool handrails give your pool a touch of class.

Moreover, people only notice the importance of handrails for pool safety when they have already fixed the pool and have begun using it. If your pool doesn’t have handrails, there is still a possibility that you can easily install them. There are a lot of ways to install these accessories on your current pool deck. The options range from inexpensive and simple to expensive and labor intensive.

But before you even get to install these items, you need to choose the best pool handrails for your swimming pool.

Keep reading the pool handrails reviews to learn more about the best 6:


1. Frantie Swimming Pool Hand Rail Cover Blue Grip for Pool Handrails(4-Feet,Royal Blue)

Frantie pool handrail covers will increase friction when grasping, reduce sliding, and avoid the risk of falling into the pool. It is perfect for assisting children, seniors, and handicapped people when entering or leaving the pool.

Now please be enjoyable to hold onto while stepping into or out of your swimming pool.


- Frantie pool handrail covers will increase friction when grasping, reduce sliding, and avoid the risk of falling into the pool. It is perfect for assisting children, seniors, and handicapped people when entering or leaving the pool.

- When you grasp the handrail, the Frantie handrail cover will isolate the heat source and prevent direct contact with the pool handrail and hot hands.The soft material of the armrest cover brings you an excellent swimming experience.

- Use Velcro instead of zipper to make your installation and removal process more convenient. In addition, the design of widening the Velcro makes the installation space for adjustment. This pool handrail cover is suitable for most swimming pool handrails.

- Simply measure four to six inches from the water line to get proper sizing. We provide four lengths ( 4ft,6ft, 8ft,10ft ) of swimming pool slide rail covers for different types of swimming pool handrails.

- We choose royal blue as the color of the pool handrail cover to match the color of the pool. We will provide you 100% promise and service after sale. Please contact us if you have any question.


2. Inter-Fab D4BD049 Deck to Deck Mounted 4 bend Stainless Steel 304 Stair Rail with Brace

Inter-Fab's residential hand rail is perfect for pool entry areas. Sturdy durable with a bright gleaming finish, the welded cross brace makes this is our strongest handrail, unbeatable strength and stability that will give you years of trouble free enjoyment. Manufactured from high-quality 304 stainless steel,1.90 diameter 0.049 wall thickness. You must purchase the anchors and escutcheons separately. Made in the United States and has a three-year warranty. Easy to install, comes with full instructions or just go to and view a complete assembly and installation video. It also comes with a 3 year warranty.


- Stainless steel 304 deck to Deck 4 bend braced sloped pool rail with 49" Span

- Perfect for pools with Steps

- 1.90-Inch outer diameter tubing with. 049-inch wall thickness

- Does not include deck anchors or escutcheons


3. Aqua Select Premium Stainless Steel Pool Hand Rail for Inground Swimming Pools

This pool handrail is made up of solid stainless steel so it will not rust and last you many pool seasons. Hook directly up to your pool stairs.


- This pool grab rail also works great for also good for hot tub steps or spa. This stair railing will provide you the assistance you need to enter or exit.

- Use a hammer drill to make holes into the concrete, then bolt and anchor in place. You will be using this handrail to get in and out of the pool in no time! Perfect accessory for your inground pool railing for your large swimming pool.

- This pool hand rail measures 50" long, 36" tall x 8". The railing has a 1.9" diameter tubing. A great addition for pool safety. 5 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty.

- Swimming pool railing does not include deck anchors or escutcheons (stainless steel plates).


4. FibroPool Swimming Pool Hand Rail with Quick Mount Base (Large)

This all-stainless steel handrail is perfect for any size pool. Featuring a small footprint, this rail is designed to take up minimal deck space while ensuring a safe, sturdy support for entering and exiting the water. And the stainless steel design ensures that your handrail will remain free of rust and stains for years to come.


- Quickly mounts to deck with 4 easy bolts

- Sturdy stainless steel construction

- 48" long, 36" tall, Built in BASE PLATE

- Mounts into concrete with a 1/2" hammer drill bit (INCLUDED) or into wood with a 1/4" bit


5. SAFTRON CBRTD-354-W 3 Bend Weather Resistant in Water Polymer Handrail, White

When you were a kid there was no avoiding the phrase "No running by the pool!". While it did make you slow down to an awkward walk/trot, once you got to the pool entrance no one says anything about those dangerous few steps into the water. Make your descent into the water smoother than ever by using a Saftron In-Water Polymer Handrail. This 3-bend cross-braced handrail is perfectly angled to make the transition in and out of the water flawless. If you do end up off-balanced, you're going to want this stair railing to grab onto. With an aluminum reinforced interior this railing is extra sturdy and reliable. You won't have to worry about burning your hand on a hot summers day either; the polymer exterior coating maintains a cooler to the touch feeling, even with sun rays beating down on it. Make epic, graceful entrances into your pool, or safe, trip-free exits by using this Saftron safety handrail.


- 3-bend, cross-braced handrail angled to make entering and exiting the pool safe and easy

- High-impact polymer exterior protects against elements, UV sun exposure, salt, and chemicals

- Fully reinforced aluminum interior completely covered by polymer exterior to ensure durability

- Hand rail stands 32 inches tall and stretches 54 inches long

- Standard, 1.9-inch outside diameter tubing


6. S.R. Smith F4H-102 Figure 4 Swimming Pool Handrail

Truth to be told, a single handrail doesn’t look good on the pools that have in-wall steps. In those pools, it is better if you use handrails on each side of the steps to give them a proper look of staircase. S.R. Smith has introduced a top-quality pair of handrails for all those pool owners that don’t want to make any compromise on the safety of people using steps to enter and exit the pool.

The stainless steel construction of the pool is pretty carefully planned. You get a 1.9-inch tube diameter with the 6-inch radius bend on each rail so it can provide the required grip and support to the users. Moreover, the steel sheets used to mold these rails are 0.05 inches thick, which makes sure the rail looks and feels the same season after season.


- Includes two handrails (pair)

- 26-Inch centers - distance from center of one anchor to the other

- For new construction, 2 bronze anchors (AS-100B) are required and are not included

- Two stainless steel escutcheons (EP100F) provide a clean finish to new ladders and rails and are not included

- 0.049 wall thickness; 1.90-Inch outer diameter tubing


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