Best 7 Solar Pool Covers

Sometimes it is difficult to swim because of the low temperature and cold water. If you have an efficient solar pool cover, you can raise the water temperature.

This is a surefire and eco-friendly way of maintaining pool temperature, conserving the daily temperature through the night so your swimming pool is warm day after day.

The solar pool covers are a must-have for any pool owner to heating pool without using electricity, plus these covers offer an effective way to keep leaves and bugs out of your pool when you’re not using it.

It’s worth noting that even the top pool covers won’t replace the job of the best pool heaters, but a good quality cover will trap in the heat and can increase the water temperature slightly. If you can, choose a cover that is black on the underside as these will do a better job of retaining heat and you’ll get more for your money.

So, you need to find one that fits your pool and is durable. However, with dozens of pool covers on the market, it can be daunting to choose the right one. Read on to learn the criteria we used to pick the top solar pool covers and our recommended solar pool covers in the market.


1. Sun2Solar Heat-Retaining Blanket

If you’re looking for the best solar pool cover for a rectangular pool sized 12 x 24 feet, the ever-reliable Sun2Solar delivers as promised.

This is a multipurpose solar blanket that gets thing off to a strong start by inhibiting up to 95% of the evaporation that can blight an uncovered swimming pool. Fill up your swimming pool less often, saving you hassle and money, while also conserving water.

When the sun has been penetrating your swimming pool all day long as you splash about, it’s a shame to let that heat go to waste. With this blanket, you don’t need to. Cover your pool at the end of the day and the heat-retaining properties of this blanket will warm your water instead of being squandered.

In addition to preventing evaporation and warming your pool water, this blanket also stops debris from tumbling into your pool when it’s covered. This will cut down on the work of your pool filter, and will resultantly prolong its lifespan.


- Reduces evaporation

- Heat-retaining properties

- Stops debris effectively


2. MidWest Canvas Solar Cover

If you have a rectangular swimming pool and you are looking for a heavy-duty solar pool cover, then you should consider the MidWest Canvas Solar Cover. The 12 x 24-foot pool cover is 12 mils thick and consists of diamond-shaped heat retention pockets that capture solar heat. That helps with heat retention and minimizes water evaporation. Its bright color ensures that the sun doesn’t penetrate the bottom of the pool. You don’t have to worry about durability as the pool cover is thick to last for several years. The MidWest Canvas Solar Pool Cover is a perfect choice to also protect your pool from dirt and debris.


- Durable and efficient

- Prevents water evaporation

- Helps with heat retention

- Comes with a five-year warranty


3. In The Swim Ultra 16 Mil Solar Cover

The In The Swim Ultra 16 Mil Solar Cover is thick and durable, so it’s sure to withstand nature and keep your pool safe, clean, and warm. This solar pool cover is round-shaped and it has been designed to protect your pool and keep the water warm.

The top layer of this blanket is made of polyethylene while the aluminized bottom layer with its tiny air-filled pockets keeps your water insulated. Your pool can be a full 10 to 15 degrees warmer thanks to this thick blanket. The aluminized bottom layer reflects heat back into the water so you’re not going to waste any sunlight.

This solar pool cover is excellent value for money considering its eight-year warranty and thickness of it. There aren’t many reviews for this cover, however, one user described it as ‘heavy-duty’.


- Durable

- A clear top layer and aluminized bottom layer reflect absorbed heat back into the pool

- 16 mil thickness enhances durability and heat retention

- Easy to cut with scissors to fit kidney, oval or irregularly shaped pools

- 8-Year Limited Warranty


4. Blue Wave Solar Blanket

Blue Wave is a dominant force in this vertical with just cause. They make first-class pool equipment that’s reasonably priced and built to last. This solar blanket continues that winning tradition.

This model is designed for round above-ground pools measuring 33 feet across. There is a deep bench of alternative sizes if this doesn’t make the right fit.

Highly insulating thermal cells trap the heat from the sun’s rays inside when your pool is covered. This can increase the temperature of the water in your pool by as much as 15F. While this might be no substitute for a pool heater if you live somewhere with a cool climate, Californians or anyone living somewhere with year-round sun win twice over. Not only will they enjoy enough sun for solar power, but they’ll also need the pool heating to a lower temperature.


- Heats pool passively

- Extends your swimming season

- 3-year limited warranty


5. Summer Waves Adjustable Round Solar Pool Cover

Inground pools benefit from ground insulation, but above-ground pools have to contend with ambient temperature loss through the sides of the pool. Plus, these pools are still subject to heat loss through evaporation. In fact, the US Department of Energy reports that each pound of 80-degree Fahrenheit water lost from a pool through evaporation results in a loss of 1,048 BTU of heat from the pool. A solar cover for above-ground pools solves these problems, while also minimizing the time you need to spend skimming your pool of leaves, bugs, and pollen.

The Summer Waves Adjustable Round Pool Cover is sized for above-ground pools with a diameter of 10 to 15 feet. A drawstring cord allows you to pull the cover snugly around the pool perimeter. Keep in mind that smaller pools won’t have as tight of a fit, but it does provide a solid surface to keep debris from falling into your pool. It’s made of a thick, durable PVC that is also opaque for UV resistance.


- Pool cover fits most 10-15 foot above ground quick set or metal frame swimming pools

- Keeps out leaves, debris, dirt & insects

- Easy-to-use adjustable drawstring with lock button

- Simply spread over the pool water and pull to lock

- Durable, puncture-resistant materials


6. Robelle 1836RS-8 Box Heavy-Duty Solar Cover

From Robelle comes a heavy-duty rectangular solar blanket that is both resistant and high-performing. Made of 8mm blue polymer that can retain heat, it is a perfect choice for a large, rectangular in-ground pool. It’s enlarged size (18 x 36 ft) means it can cover just about any size of pool and easily trimmable to accommodate any lesser pool size. It’s larger than usual size does mean the actual job of placing it over the pool would recommend at least two people.


- Heavy-Duty 8 Mil Material

- Brand Name: Robelle

- Collects Solar Energy And Transfers Heat Into Your Pool Water

- No Assembly Required

- High performance, can retain up to 10°F on a hot day

- Can be trimmed easily

- Counters evaporation effectively


7. Thermo-Tex Swimming Pool Cover

The Thermo-Tex Solar Pool Cover is one of the cost-effective and efficient solar covers in the market. Made from high-quality UV-resistant polymers, the cover comes with a lightweight design that allows you to spread it on your pool quickly. It is compatible with rectangular swimming pools. You can also fold and unfold it without a lot of hassle. The cover prevents exposure to the UV rays while still retaining its flexibility.  Its ability to reduce the rate of evaporation and warm up the water makes it one of the best solar pool covers.


- Affordable and efficient

- Simple to fold and unfold

- Reduce the rate of evaporation

- Easy to use and lightweight

- High-quality construction

- Comes with a three-year warranty


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