Best 6 pH Increasers for Your Pool

So there you are, squatting by the side of your pool staring fixedly at your pool pH testing kit.  And what it’s telling you is that your pool water’s pH is low. But what does that actually mean? Is it a bad thing and, if it is, what do you need to do to raise it?

It is important to maintain proper pH of 7.2 to 7.6. If you find the pH levels in your swimming pool are higher than 7.8, this is considered high pH. High pH water is too soft, and this triggers certain adverse outcomes. Typically, chlorine stabilizers or sudden and dramatic spikes in temperature cause high pH water.

When the water is too soft, your chlorine stops working as effectively. High pH water also causes skin and hair to dry, along with eye irritation. If you spot premature wear to your goggles or bathing suit, this could point toward high pH levels.

There is a simple decision of this problem. To raise pH, use a made-for-pools chemical additive called pH increaser.

In simple words, water balance is important for the following reasons: (1) prevent disease (2) protect equipment (3) provide the expected environment. We've rounded up the most popular pH increasers fulfills all three of these goals:


1. Clorox Pool&Spa 12104CLX pH Up, 4 lb, 4lb

CloroxPool&Spa pH Up raises low pH in your pool so you can maintain a beautiful, swim-ready pool. The granulated formula dissolves fast, and the easy pour application bag makes raising your pH simple, and fast. Low pH in your pool can cause red, irritated eyes and expensive corrosion damage to your pool equipment.

Use this pH increaser as needed to achieve a suitable range of 7.2 to 7.6 to keep your water swim-ready and clear. Intended for use in both traditional chlorine and salt chlorine pools. Test and balance your pool weekly with the Clorox Pool app to maintain clear water, longer lasting equipment, and comfortable swimming.


- Raises low pH in swimming pool water

- Reduces eye irritation for swimmers

- Guards against corrosion

- For best results, use with the Clorox Pool App


2. HTH 67041 pH Up Swimming Pool Chemical Balancer, 4 lbs

The HTH pH Up helps balance the pH in your pool water for healthy swimming. Test your water weekly to make sure pH is between 7.2 and 7.8 ppm. If pH in your pool water measures below 7.2, add HTH pH Up directly to the surface to increase the pH, prevent corrosion of pool surfaces and prevent skin and eye irritation. HTH pH Up is great for all pool types including vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems.


- BENEFITS: Ensures that your swimming pool has a balanced pH so you can enjoy splashing in the water all season long in healthy water

- USE: Apply directly to the pool regularly for easy DIY pool care; For best results, use with other HTH pool care products

- COMPATIBILITY: Great for vinyl-lined pools and saltwater systems

- FEATURES: Raises pH and total alkalinity; Improves swimmer comfort; Prevents stain and scale

- INCLUDES: One 4-lb container of HTH pH Up for your swimming pool


3. Pool Mate 1-2210B Swimming Pool pH Increaser, 10-Pounds

Pool Mate pH Rise prevents eye and skin irritation, etching of plaster/concrete surfaces and corrosion of metal piping/heater/pump. Pool Mate pH Rise is used to correct pool water that is acidic, where pH levels measure below the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.8 ppm. To increase the pH level, add one pound pH Rise per 10,000 gallons of pool water. This will help prevent equipment corrosion, plaster damage and eye/skin irritation associated with a low pH value.


- Raises pH levels

- Prevents eye irritation

- Ideal PH range 7.2 to 7.8 ppm

- Prevents equipment corrosion, plaster damage


4. In The Swim Granular Pool pH Increaser - 25 Pound Bucket

In the Swim Granular Pool pH Increaser is easy-to-use and dissolves fast. With powerful and effective results, this pH increaser is available at only half the price. Whenever the pH level goes under 7. 2 all you have to do is add pH increaser. This will reduce any acidity and fix water conditions. The pH level of your pool water is a vital element of your pool's overall water chemistry.


- Raises pool water pH levels by neutralizing water acidity

- Reduces eye and skin irritation by neutralizing water acidity

- Slows the rapid dissipation of chlorine caused by acidic water

- 100% Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)

- Initial Dosage: 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons


5. Eco Clean 15 lbs. Pool PH Increaser Pail

The active ingredient in our pH increaser is 100% PURE Soda Ash AKA Sodium Carbonate. This product will quickly correct acidic water conditions in your pool or spa.


- RESTORE IDEAL SWIMMING CONDITIONS: Pool & Spa pH Increaser raises pH in pool water. Also known as sodium carbonate or soda ash, this product will raise pH levels under 7.2.

- NON-CORROSIVE GRANULAR FORMULA: Use soda ash instead of using splashy chemicals to fix pool pH. Simply measure and pour into your pool for lightning-fast pH adjustment.

- INCREASES CHLORINE EFFECTIVENESS. Sodium carbonate stabilizes chlorine and other pool chemicals, stopping skin and eye irritation for swimmers.

- PROTECTS YOUR POOL EQUIPMENT AND LINING: Pool & Spa pH Increaser stops corrosion of equipment, etching of plaster, and pool discoloration from dissolved materials.



6. BioGuard Balance Pak

For raising pH level Protects pool equipment from corrosion, plaster etching and wrinkling of liners Prevents eye irritation due to low pH BioGuard Balance Pak 200 raises pH in pool water.


- Use to maintain total alkalinity in your swimming pool

- Proper total alkalinity prevents pH from 'bouncing' due to rain, bather load and other chemical application

- Helps prevent pool staining, plaster etching or liner wrinkling due to improper pH

- Dissolves quickly when added directly to your swimming pool water


If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help

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