Best 5 Pentair Pool Pumps

Every filtration system requires a pump that can provide the force needed to circulate water via the primary filters and drains.

One brand that is known for providing quality pool pumps is Pentair, a company with hundreds of products on the shelves today.

The Pentair pool pump line is innovative, longer lasting, and higher performing. No matter what qualities you are looking for, Pentair has a solution for your every pool pump need. There are different benefits of using the Pentair Pool Pumps:

- Enjoy energy savings of up to 90%* and reduce your carbon footprint with our innovative and efficient pool pump technology.

- Seamlessly pairs with Pentair automation systems for total pool control on your schedule and from anywhere you are.

- Pentair pool pumps improve circulation to ensure proper water flow as its heated, treated and filtered to achieve your ideal pool experience.

We understand, though, that not everyone knows what they’re looking for when comparing pool pumps. To make things easier for you we’ve rounded up the 5 best Pentair pool pumps:


1. IntelliFlo VSF Pump

IntelliFlo VSF pump is the first variable speed and flow pump that adjusts to changes in flow conditions to maintain its preprogrammed flow rate to run optimally throughout the entire filtration cycle. It's like having cruise control for your pump.


- Eight programmable speed or flow settings and built-in timer

- Rotatable keypad with optional wall mount kit (sold separately)

- Top-mounted field wiring compartment is easier to access and connect

- Totally enclosed fan-cooled design for increased performance and long life

- Menus are easier than ever to use

- Consistently maintains system flow requirements

- Compatible with Pentair Automation

- WEF 6.9 THP 3.95


2. SuperFlo VST Pool Pump

The SuperFlo VST Variable Speed Pool Pump features sophisticated technology in a simple to operate pump. Designed for pool owners who are practical and like to save, the SuperFlo VST pump has a dependable and robust Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor and can adapt to 115V to 230V and 50hz or 60hz power with no special wiring or switching.


- Improved mechanical seal for long, dependable performance

- Superior drop-in replacement for the Hayward® Super Pump® and existing Pentair SuperFlo pumps

- Ideal for new and standard pool pump replacement for pools requiring up to a 1.5 HP pump

- Simple, easy-to-use digital control keypad with three programmable speeds, override capability and a real-time, 24-hour clock

- 115v: WEF 7.3  THP  2.2

- 230v: WEF 9.0  THP  2.2

- New RS-485 connectivity for improved interface with automation systems and IoT devices to allow more flexibility



3. Pentair Sta-Rite N1-1-1/2A HP SuperMax Standard Efficient Single Speed High-Performance Inground Pool Pump

As the name suggests, this is a pool pump that can work effectively for all inground swimming pools. It is a single-speed unit that provides horsepower of between ½ to 2-1/2 to ensure that the water circulates quickly.

One feature I love is the ramp and cam lid that locks and unlocks without any hassle. The model also carries NSF and UL certificate, meaning that it is made of quality materials and follows the industry standards.

Besides, it is a compact model that you can easily install in places with limited space, and you don’t need a professional to help you. I also like its construction since it was made to last for years while providing you with the service.


- SuperMax standard efficient single speed high performance inground pool pump

- Single speed models ranging from 1/2 to 2-1/2-horsepower

- Cam and Ramp lid locks and unlocks with a simple quarter turn; it is certified by UL and NSF

- Operates at 115/230-voltage, 16.0/8.0-full load amps, 1-1/2-horsepower, 1.10-SFHP, 1.10-SF

- Measures 28-inch length by 14 31/50-inch height by 12-1/4-inch width


4. Pentair Dynamo 1 Horsepower Above Ground Pool Pump

If you want a pool pump for an above ground pool, then I would recommend you get the Pentair Dynamo unit. It is a system that comes with a self-priming design to guarantee you of long life and value for your money.

The unit also boasts of reinforced fiberglass that adds durability and strength to your pump to allow it to last for years. There is also a large capacity basket that comes with a clear lid that can help you to see the inside.

Another unique feature of this model is the impeller and diffuser that let you enjoy the best flow rate when compare to most systems out there. It is also easy to drain the pump thanks to the drain plugs.


- Self-priming Design

- Large Capacity Basket

- See-thru Lid

- Easy Access Drain Plugs

- Unique Impeller and Diffuser


5. Pentair Sta-Rite P6E6E-206L Max-E-Pro Energy Efficient Single Speed Full Rated Pool and Spa Pump

Another unit is the Pentair Sta-Rite and is a single-speed model. It has the self-priming suction feature that ensures it remains in top condition to last for years.

The unit also comes with NSF and UL certificate and can lift water up to 15 feet above your swimming pool. That is all possible due to better hydraulic design that can carry large volumes of water without using much energy.

You can also find it to be easy to install and was made to last for years without corroding or getting damaged. It is the system for all pool owners.


- Measures 30-1/2 by 17 by 13-1/4 inches

-bNSF and UL Certified

- Max-E-Pro Energy Efficient

- Single Speed Model

- Low Operating Costs


 If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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