Best 5 Hayward Pumps

It is undeniable fact that a pool is only as good as its pump. Every swimming pool has a filtration system that siphons water from the pool’s basin, through the skimmer, and back to the pool via the filter. The primary purpose of this system is to ensure the chemical balance is ideal, and the water is clean and safe for swimming.

At the heart of the filtration system is a pump that provides the force needed to drive water through the main drains and filters. This Hayward pool pump reviews highlight some of the best pumps available on the market today.

Hayward has the broadest lineup of pool pumps in the industry, assuring you will have the perfect pump for your pool. From industry-standard single-speed pumps to energy-efficient variable-speed pumps, all delivering powerful, reliable performance.

Read along and discover the ultimate pump for your pool. We’ve rounded up the best 5 below:


1. Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LXSeries Above-Ground Pool Pump

This is a cost-effective and durable pool pump that has always been recommended by experts. The quality pool pump is ergonomic and delivers the best service just as expected. It features a powerful motor, which provides high speed; hence perfect for different pools.

Apart from this, the pool pump also has the 100% drip proof and heat-resistant double sized seal. This aids in extending the lifespan of the motor. Since it features a clear cover, it will easily allow you to see whenever the basket requires some cleaning. Apart from this, the pool pump also has 1.5-inches intake and discharge plus a high-performance impeller. With the corrosion proof and reinforced thermoplastic housing, this quality pool pump perfectly suits use outdoor for the longest time possible.


- The Hayward SP1580X15 PowerFlo LX pump with strainer is a high-performance pump designed for above-ground and on-ground pools

- The 100-percent drip proof, heat-resistant double-sized seal allows for long motor life; rated at 1-1/2-horesepower

- Features a 1-1/2 inch intake and discharge, high performance impeller, and heat-resistant double-sided seal for long motor life

- Clear cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning and the drain plug allows for easy maintenance of pump

- Exclusive corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic housing for all-weather performance and quiet operation; includes 6-foot 120-volt power cord


2. Hayward W3SP2610X15 Super Pump Pool Pump, 1.5 HP

If you want a pool pump you can depend on, consider the high-quality construction and features of this Hayward model. Its 1.5-horsepower motor is powerful enough to handle large swimming pools, and thanks to a design that enables air to flow through the motor, it runs at cooler temperatures, extending the life of the pump.

A large 110-cubic-inch strainer basket allows this pump to hold a significant amount of debris without compromising its pumping power. A see-through cover lets you assess the basket without removing it, while the hand knobs allow for easy tool-free cover removal. This pump is available as a single-speed or more efficient dual-speed model and works with 115- and 230-volt power sources.


- The Hayward Super Pump Single-Speed 1.5 Pool Pump sets the industry standard for efficiency and dependability and is part of the world’s best-selling medium-head pump family

- Heavy-duty, high-performance motor and airflow ventilation provide quieter, cooler, more efficient operation

- Extra-large debris basket provides added leaf-holding capacity for less frequent maintenance

- Exclusive swing-away hand knobs make for easy strainer cover removal without tools

- Unique service-ease design offers quick 4-bolt access to all internal components for simple servicing


3. Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Pool Pump

For improved performance, this is one quality and durable pool pump, which will assure you of reliable and convenient service. The pool pump has the permanent magnet with a fully enclosed fan cooled motor. With this, it easily provides more incredible reliability and efficiency. Other than this, the powerful pump allows for variable speeds, which makes it perfect for every user.

It is also available in both 115V and 230V, which makes it perfect for all pools. The quality and durable pool pump have been built using the corrosion resistant and all-weather proof material. This implies that it assures you of long-term service. Additionally, it also utilizes the speed technology; hence every user can always achieve the needed speed. The affordable pump is user-friendly and with the ergonomic design, you can easily install it.


- The Hayward MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed 1.65 HP, 230V Pool Pump is the most efficient pump of its kind, according to EPA ENERGY STAR third-party testing, and maybe eligible for local utility rebates

- Can save up to 80% on energy costs, paying for itself faster than larger, more expensive models

- Permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motor delivers maximum energy efficiency and reliability

- Simple drop-in upgrade that can operate in standalone mode or connect to any automation system (either directly or with relays)

- Advanced hydraulic design offers incredibly quiet operation compared to single-speed pumps, especially at lower speeds

- Power source type: Corded Electric


4. Hayward 1.5 Horsepower Max-Flo In-Ground Pool Pump, SP2310X15

Here is a convenient and powerful in-ground pool pump, which will assure you of more reliable service. The pool pump is designed to last since it features a molded and corrosion resistant reinforced plastic construction. This will provides years of service just as needed. The affordable pump also has the self-priming system, which makes it more efficient and great for daily use. The self-priming system works up to 8-feet above the water level, which makes it suitable for all pool.

Additionally, it comes with two union connectors, which makes the installation simpler and faster. The high quality pool pump is ergonomic and has extra-large strainer housing. The housing also features the tri-lock see-through lid, which will let you know when to clean the pool.


- Max-Flo XL standard efficient single-speed medium head pump includes 1-1/2-inch by 2-inch union connections

- Advanced hydraulics for increased efficiency and priming ability

- Seamlessly retrofits with the entire Max-Flo line; self-priming suction lift up to 8-feet above water level

- Strainer cover seals with less than a 1/4 turn

- Features heavy-duty motor, 115/208-230 voltage and 1-1/2-horsepower


5. Hayward SP3010X15AZ Super II Pool Pump

Are you looking for the ideal pool pump for your swimming pool? This quality Hayward pool pump has been designed to suit different pools; hence a great pick for you. The quality pool pump features the self-priming that can suction lift up to 8 feet above the level of water.

Secondly, the pool pump also has the see-thru strainer cover. This allows you to see whenever the basket needs to be cleaned. The easy thread design allows for elementary removal of the strainer cover, which makes it appropriate for offering the best support and stability. In addition to this, the pool pump has a large basket of about 155 cubic inches. This provides additional space for extra-leaf holding capacity. It also has corrosion-proof thermoplastic that greatly extends the lifespan.


- Self-priming (suction lift up to 8 feet above water level)

- Easy thread design makes strainer cover removal easy;Uni-bracket mounting base provides stable, stress-free support. Versatility for any installation requirement by adapting to both 48- and 56-frame motors

- See-thru strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning

- 155 cubic inch basket has extra leaf-holding capacity. Load-extender ribbing ensures free flowing operation

- All components molded of corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic for extra durability and long life


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