Best 5 Harris Pool Pumps

When you focus on keeping your swimming pool well maintained and clean this year, a pool pump is a necessary product. Owning an appropriate pool pump is undeniably vital when it comes to effective cleaning of the pool.

The industry of pool pumps has seen the emergence of less famous but effective brands such as Harris Pool Products. Harris products are cost-effective compared to most well-known models, and they give an excellent performance.

Harris Pool Pumps cost considerably less than big name brands yet their products deliver a far more superior performance. Moreover, Harris pumps come with all the features you will find with any other top-rated pool pump brand.

Here, you'll get in-depth guide about the 5 different pool pumps that Harris has to offer:


1. Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP

Being one of the most affordable options, the Harris H1572730 ProForce is also one of the most powerful high-performing models on the market.

Developed with a stainless-steel motor, its reinforced thermoplastic body is engineered for long life and more durability. The body is specifically designed to be heavy-duty and corrosion-free.

To quickly check the strainer, the twist-and-lock lid is see-through. The strainer on the model is a large, easy to clean filtration basket.

One feature pool owners will be interested to note is the 3-foot long cord. This ensures less hassle to install and maintain, giving you a longer range to work with than most above-ground pumps.

Whether a novice or expert pool pump installer, the model is a quick and simple install that can be maintained regularly without the need for complicated tools and cleaning equipment.

Meeting all CSA and ETL industry standards, this is Harris’s most effective pump for its price and quality.


- Affordable and easy to use

- Designed for above ground pools

- 22 x 8 x 10.75 inches and 22 lbs.

- 115 volts


2. Harris H1572729 ProForce 1 HP

Similar to the H1572730 ProForce, the Harris H1572729 ProForce has a stainless-steel motor with a thermoplastic body for longevity and durability.

While it’s not as powerful as the H1572729, the above-ground pool pump is designed to be waterproof, rust-free, and provide swimming pools with fast and efficient cleaning.

It is one of Harris’s quieter models, designed for high efficiency without sacrificing noise. Equipped with a drain plug, three-pronged plug, and 3-foot chord, this product is a typical pool pump that can be installed with little to no hassle in your backyard.

With the features, Harris H1572729 deserves  the excellent Harris pool pump choice, and it also meets all CSA and ETL requirements.


- Easy install and maintenance

- 23.25 x 11.25 x 8.5 inches and 22 lbs.

- Designed for above ground use

- 115 volts


3. Harris H1572748 ProForce 1.5 HP In-ground Pool Pump

The Harris H1572748 ProForce is a high-performance pool pump designed for in-ground swimming pools. The pump comes with a variety of premium features and it costs almost half the price of major brands, making it one of the most reliable and affordable pool pumps available today.

As the name “ProForce” implies, this pump offers 1.5 horsepower, which is more than sufficient to drive large volumes of water quickly and swiftly. With such kind of power, you only need to run the pump a few hours a day to filter your pool, saving on time and energy costs.

Despite having such a powerful motor, this pool pump runs so quietly you’d forget it is on. This makes it ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas such as residential homes and care facilities.

Another great feature is that you can change the voltage from 230V to 115V at the flick of a switch, making this pool pump by Harris well suited for premises that have different power configurations. We also loved the fact that the pump is very easy to install. In-fact, you do not need to call a pool technician, as the package comes with a manual for easy DIY installation.


- Self-priming, heavy-duty inground pump.

- Superior quality and outstanding value.

- 2" union connections. 115/230V convertible hardwire connection.

- Extra large strainer basket.

- Clear pump lid with easy ring lock and large handles.

- Easily replaces any existing pump.


4. Harris H1572230 Vortex 1.5 HP Pump

In swimming merchandise, Harris H1572230 Vortex is a favorite name that most people trust. It provides outstanding performance and superior flow. The pool pump features a high-tech sand filter that is designed to work amazingly with water at varying temperatures. Moreover, it comes with a flange clamp attachment and a 7-position dial valve that ensures 360 degrees rotation.

If you're yearning for something durable, this model is the way to go. It's made of sturdy material that extends its lifespan. The machine is crafted with hydraulically balanced laterals to maximize not only water flow but also filtration.

Featuring easy installation and maintenance, you're required to replace the sand at least once in 3 to 5 years. It constructively saves cost and time. Not to forget, its efficiency is above 75%, thus a reliable unit.


- An extremely reliable pool pump

- It offers pride-worth performance

- Has a high efficiency (above 75%)

- It needs less maintenance

- Superb sand filters that boast cleaning of pool water


5. Harris H1572728 ProForce 3/4 HP

The Harris H1572728 pool pump may be considered the “budget option” for many first-time swimming pool owners but its performance regularly outshines the competition.

The reinforced thermoplastic body that most Harris pool pumps guarantee a quality investment. The model meets all CSA and ETL requirements.

This pool pump is best used on smaller swimming pools or spas; however, it is still made of material that can handle most weather conditions and hazards that many brands on the market can’t withstand.

Designed to quickly clean debris and bacteria from your above-ground pool, the product has a large, easy-to-clean filter basket. The H1572728 is less powerful than its ProForce 1 HP and ProForce 1.5 HP counterparts, but it’s the perfect choice for beginners looking for a budget option.


- Low cost

- Used for smaller swimming pools and spas

- Above-ground use only

- 22 lbs.

- 115 volts


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