YaRui Swimming Pool Sucker 15”Poo Leaf Vacuum

Large 15-inch ABS body with 8 high-pressure jets.5 inch super powerful suction head, swimming pool suction head, pool bottom leaves collection and cleaning, large suction cup leaves

DURABLE BAG:24" x 16" large bag provides enough storage space for leaves, fine mesh can catch smaller debris Uses water pressure from a garden hose to clean out leaves,Specifically for removing large leaves and dirt and debris from pools

POWERFUL SUCTION:When connected to the garden hose, the eight water injection nozzles located on the underside of the vacuum cleaner will become micro nozzles, generating strong suction power and helping to lift the leaves into the vacuum bag. The built-in quick disconnect adapter fits.

EXCELLENT DURABILITY: Our Above ground pool vacuum is made of ABS plastic, which is wear-resistant and durable, which greatly improves the service life. The brush head is made of nylon, which can quickly remove debris and dirt on the surface of the swimming pool, and it is not easy to fall off.

ATTENTION: The garden hose metal connector or pole is not included


YaRui Swimming Pool Sucker 15”Poo Leaf Vacuum

  • Large 15-inch ABS body
  • Durable Bag:24" X 16"
  • Powerful Suction
  • Excellent Durability


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