Winter Repairs to Above-ground Pools

In some cases, wall damage caused by ice and snow can seem irreparable. However, there are ways to repair an aboveground pool.

Since most aboveground pool walls have a continuous roll of metal, they can only be replaced if the damaged area is a separate steel panel for the skimmer and return.


Straightening Pool Walls

You can straighten out most bent and sunken steel walls and uprights by using a hammer and a large wooden pole. To get started, lower the water to a level point below the damage, and then pull the liner away. A helper will help hold a large kicker, which will be placed in a triangular shape on the inside of the pool. Hammer on the outside to remove the wood and restore the wall to its original height.

In cases where the pool wall is bent or bowed, you can use sheet metal pieces to fix the issue. You can also tape the wall edges and cover with Wall Foam.


Pool Wall Repair Panels

Flat metal pieces are the best for wall repair. They are made of thick and strong steel and are usually sold as rolls. Having the proper size and strength to secure a pool wall is an important step in the process of pool repair. Doing so will give you the best chance of success.


Fixing Buckled Pool Walls

If the pool walls are bent or crumpled, first bang out the bump first to restore them to their original height. Then, use the skimmer holes and return holes to secure the structure. After securing with Liquid Nails, follow with small rivets or screws to secure the area. Tape the edges to create a border around the pool or apply Wall Foam.

This winter has been challenging on aboveground pools, so we hope this post can help.


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