How to Install Pool Safety Cover Anchors

A pool safety cover is a great way to protect your kids while keeping the pool looking great. They are durable and can last for a long time.

These safety covers are easy to install and maintain.


Wood Pool Deck Anchors

A Wood Deck Anchor is a type of wood anchor that's used to protect the deck and keep the cover secured. It has a wide flange on the end of the anchor to allow it to extend and hold the deck in place.

Most of the time, installing the flange type anchors is a bit more challenging than other anchor types. Doing so usually requires the use of multiple power drills.

First you drill a counter-sink hole 3/16′′ deep. Use a Forstner bit to get the anchor flange flush into the wood.

For this project, use a 3/4′′ wood drill bit to drill a hole in the center of the wood. Then, using a #2 Phillips screw head, attach the Wood Anchor to the studs.

Can you use concrete anchors in a pool deck? Although it is easier and faster, anchoring a pool deck to a concrete surface is not as safe as it used to be.

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Concrete Pool Deck Anchors

The brass concrete anchor is commonly used for holding a safety cover pin. It is a type of anchor that's threaded to the cover.

These brass anchors are made with a wider top surface, and when tapped into the hole, they press-fitting into place.

You’ll also need a masonry bit (or a hammer drill bit with a masonry bit) to install the anchor.

Position the bit on a sturdy piece of tape, which will keep it aligned with the deck. Be sure to keep the drill perpendicular to the deck.

Dust the hole using a vac or a blower. Then, use a tamping tool to secure the anchor.

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Paver Pool Deck Anchors

A pool deck is composed of interlocking bricks, stone, or ceramic tiles. These components are placed over a concrete or sand-filled sub-deck. They are usually placed with a steel band.

If you have mortared joints or tight pavers, you can use a joint drill to target the joint between 3 pavers. If you do not use a core drill, use an anchor point.

For pavers with movement or for a more secure installation, an anchor-in-pipe method is used. This method involves placing a tube into the ground below the pavers.

To get the full depth of the tube, use a long drill bit to open the hole, then pound the tube into the hole using a piece of wood, which will hold the hammer in place. When flush to the deck, pop-in a brass anchor into the top of the tube.

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