Winter-Proof Your Hot Tub

There are two kinds of hot tubs: those that are built for cold winters and those that are not. In most cases, these are built to be heated, not cold.

A hot tub that works well in a cold climate will have a hard time holding hot temperatures in places like Chicago or Colorado. Snowbelt spas feature better insulation and are built with larger heaters and better plumbing.

Sometimes, when someone purchases a sunbed spa, they discover that it's not hot enough to keep the water warm. This is usually because they're not sure how to set it up.

Aside from being poorly built, poor insulation in hot tubs is also responsible for most of the heat loss in these facilities. There are various ways to improve the insulation of your hot tub.



This is the easiest way to increase the insulation in your spa cabinet. Just make sure that the shell and pipes are fully-foamed before adding insulation.

You can also line the insides of spa cabinet doors with insulation board or foam bats. This type of foam can be held in place with a construction adhesive.

With spray foam, you can now add layers of foam on the back of the spa shell, or even on the pipes of the spa. Great Stuff foam can be used to fill a small area or a spa in foam.



A floating spa blanket is an excellent way to reduce heat loss when using a hot tub or spa. They're also very effective at stopping the bleeding when used on a spa cover that doesn't fit properly.

There are three types of floating spa blankets, all of which are great products and have good, better, and best qualities. One of these is the GoodPE spa blanket, the other is the closed cell foam, and the third one is the radiant spa blanket.



The Works is a great example of a spa cover that features 2 lb Foam weight and a 6" to 4" taper for ultimate heat retention.

A spa cover that has a sagging surface will raise the heat resistance of the foam, allowing more heat to escape. This benefit is very useful for minimizing spa heat loss.



Protect your spa cover from harsh weather conditions with the Spa Cover Cap. This covers the cover of your hot tub with a soft, fitted sheet. Two sizes are available to fit most spas. These Spa Cover Caps are made from silver reflective tape and are designed to last for many winters to come.



Protecta-Spa is a cover that encloses your spa or hot tub. It features a built-in Velcro closure for a secure fit. Protecta-Spa is designed to keep your spa or hot tub from getting damaged by harsh weather conditions.



When placed on a high deck or cliff, wind can easily blow across the surface of a hot tub, causing it to heat up. This is especially true for spas that are located in areas with wind turbines.

To prevent getting damaged, adjust the clips so that they are slightly bent down to latch the cover. For areas with strong winds, use hurricane straps to secure the cover.

If your spa is not heated up fully, or has a tendency to stay warm overnight, then you should consider improving the insulation around the spa. You can also get a larger spa heater for more comfortable use.


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