Winter Pool Safety Tips for Snowbelt

Winterized pool owners should always have a safety pool cover installed. A solid pool cover is the most effective way to prevent pool accidents during the winter season.


Solid Pool Covers

Solid pool covers are designed to prevent water from flowing into the pool. They are not ideal for removing snow and rain, and they can quickly turn murky and dangerous.

Even though these types of covers are designed to automatically close, they can still be dangerous if they are not pumped off properly. A pool cover pump can help prevent these issues.

Even with a clean solid cover, a floating style of winter covers can still be dangerous. A child or an animal can get injured by falling on it.



Aside from a safety cover, a pool fence is also an excellent way to protect your pool area from intruders. This type of fencing can also be used to separate the patio from the pool area. These panels are 10′ wide and can be stretched to wrap around the back of the pool.


Door Alarms

If the back of your house has a pool fence, then you should install door alarms on the doors so that they can sound a loud alarm if they open.

Also, make sure that the posts and fences are in good condition. If they are loose, it can be dangerous to keep them in place.


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