Aboveground Pool Skimmer Winterization

When a pool is exposed, the skimmer is prone to damage, so it’s important to remove the hose that runs underneath the filter system. Ideally, keep the hose and filter system inside for the winter.

After draining the water from the pool, the hose attachment should be disconnected to prevent the water from flowing below the skimmer. Also, since the pool is not connected to a pipe, the water should not be constantly drained. When the ground gets soft, the pool may start to list one side. To prevent this, make sure that the hose is connected to the skimmer, which will drain the pool away from the body of water.

If your pool equipment is hard-to-penetrate, with rigid PVC pipe, you will need to use other methods to get the line out. Get a large wet/dry vac, or rent one. Make sure that the hose is straight and doesn't go into the pump. Stick the hose down into the skimmer. Hold the skimmer over the hole while the vac is turned on. When the pump is empty, use an expansion plug or thread a plug to the bottom of the skimmer.

You’ll also need a Skimmer Plug to blow out the bottom of the skimmer pipe. These components are designed to keep the water below the skimmer from entering. The Skimmer plug is a new type of plug that fits into the existing skimmer faceplate. It features a soft but rigid rubber seal that fits into the opening of the faceplate.


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