What You Need To Know About Winter Pool Maintenance

This season brings with it cooler air and the inevitable realization that you have to close your pool for the season. While it's important to keep your pool looking great all year long, properly covering it can help prevent pool damage in the winter.

Aside from following proper procedures for pool chemistry, it's also important to make sure your pool is covered properly.


Clear the Pool Area

Before covering the pool, make sure that the area around the pool and the deck are clear of debris such as leaves and sticks. Doing so can prevent the cover from toppling over and creating a protrusion on the pool.


Water Level

The water level must be maintained at a certain level to ensure the proper operation of the cover. Too high of a water level can also cause algae to develop and cause a wet spot. If it's too low, the cover might not be fully supported in the case of snow accumulation.


Make sure the pool cover is properly attached

If your pool has a safety cover, it should be secured by springs and straps to the deck and around the area. Make sure that the cover is overlapping the deck and the appropriate width is used to support anchoring.

When it comes to covering the pool, make sure to keep the straps at the same tension. This will help prevent them from getting too loose. Also, make sure to check the straps when performing other tasks.

If your cover is of good quality, then you should not experience any issues with its bolts. However, it's still a good idea to periodically check them to make sure they're secure.


Mark Your Cover

When your pool gets covered in snow, make sure to mark the area where it ends and begins with a flag pole or lawn stakes. Make sure that the height of your snow cover is tall enough to stand out from the snow and protect the people in your yard.


While planning on how to close your pool, take the time to do some simple steps that will make it easier to open and enjoy it next season. Not only will these simple steps help keep your pool running smoothly, they will also save you money on repairs.

Following these tips will help make your pool season more enjoyable.


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