5 Tips for Safe and Secure Pool During the Winter

When it’s time to reopen the pool, remember to schedule regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Having the proper equipment and supplies can help prevent costly repairs and keep it working properly.

During the offseason, make sure to keep your pool secure and ready to go for the upcoming season.

  1. When it’s time to close the pool, draining the water from the equipment will prevent it from freezing. This will help minimize the risk of damage. Ideally, remove all of the equipment that can be damaged by the weather before it gets too cold.
  2. Aside from being a vital part of keeping your pool secure, regular cleaning is also important to ensure that its cover is free of dirt, grime, and stagnant water. Also, make sure that the cover is secure and that the straps are tight. It's important to keep the animals and people safe from getting injured while they're on the cover.
  3. Ideally, the water and chemical levels should be balanced to prevent algae and minimize the effects of chlorine on the pool. Also, make sure the pool cover is maintained at a level that supports the structure.
  4. A quality pool cover is important to keep your pool and guests safe. It should be made of durable materials and meets ASTM standards. Whether it’s a pool for kids or adults, a pool cover is essential to keep everyone safe. This material is especially useful in areas with snow and leaves that obscure the view of an inground pool.
  5. Aside from keeping children away from the pool, a safety fence also keeps pets and animals away from the area. Having a safety pool cover also helps keep pets away from the pool.

Getting your pool professionally maintained will make it look its best all year long. It can also help you avoid getting sick of it and keeping it running smoothly during the winter season.


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